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Damaged Wooden Floors Lancashire

By On December 21, 2017 No Comments

Wooden floors look great. There is no avoiding the fact that they can offer a really sophisticated appearance to any space where they are fitted. This is never more an appropriate saying that when dealing with parquet floors.

Due to the way in which the blocks are laid, their pattern offers real character. They are warmer underfoot than stone and can stand up to general wear and tear. We were invited to restore this parquet floor in Lancashire.

Although the floor was generally well cared for. Some of the boards were in sun light and some were not where furniture and rugs had been placed. This is often fine until the point at which you want to move furniture or swap rugs.

Sun damaged wood floors LancashireThe first image shows a brilliant example of just how dramatic this can be. However, this is where one of the true benefits of wood floors comes in. With our floor sanding services, the floors in this home could be sanded back.

The sun damage only really affects the surface coatings on the wood boards. The sanding process strips back the old coatings and wood finishes to reveal beautifully natural wooden floors. Our client decided that they adored this look and wanted their parquet floor to remain natural.

Restoring damaged floors LancashireOnce again, we used our PALLMANN product range to produce a natural, yet hard-wearing wood finish. Our client was so pleased with the finish. The products work so well with skilfully restored floors. They work to bring out the natural finish, whilst protecting the natural wood underneath.

This floor was part of a larger project in this particular house. Each of the floors were transformed. Would you be interested in requesting a quotation for us to restore your wood floors? Call us today on 0800 852 7177. Our services are competitively priced and completed to our exacting professional standards.

Restore Your Parquet Floor Lancashire

By On December 14, 2017 No Comments

Parquet floors add character to any space where they are fitted. They bring an element of sophistication and class to both domestic and commercial properties. It is possible that they are one of the most likely wood floor types that are uncovered in restoration projects. This means that they are often hidden under carpets or other floor coverings for many years.

When they are discovered, individuals are usually get quite excited about the process of floor restoration. There is a whole host of information and images available that show the transformation that can be achieved.

Wood Floor Sander LancashireThis is an example of parquet floor restoration that we completed in Lancashire. The first image shows the difference when we arrived. The different tones of the wood floor show where floor coverings, such as rugs protected parts of the floor. Other parts are worn away through daily usage.

Our client wanted us to restore the floor. We used our dust free sanding process to complete this job. The survey was completed and to offer us confidence that each of the parquet blocks were appropriately fixed. Without this, individual blocks can be damaged through the restoration process.

Restoring Parquet Floors LancashireThe entire floor was then sanded to produce an even finish. The surface was then sealed with our exceptionally great Pallman product selection. This produces a floor that can withstand usage and looks great.

The images show that the floor went from looking uneven and unsightly to exactly the opposite. Instead of wanting to cover up the floor, our clients felt confident that they wanted to show it off. Instead of being an embarrassment it changed to be a talking point.

This is where our floor sanding services play a really important role. We are confident in our services and ability to offer the best sanding finishes. Contact our friendly staff today on 0800 852 7177 to book a quotation; you won’t be disappointed.

We are Proud to Use Pallmann Products

By On November 28, 2017 No Comments

We have always been fastidious with our product selection. With any wood floor sanding project, careful product selection is the key to a successful and long-lasting restored wood floor. So many other products offer benefits but through our experience we confidently now only use Pallmann products for our wood floor restoration work.

Pallmann Contractor LancashireWe are proud to be a Pallmann registered contractor. What does this mean? It means that we have been trained to use the products correctly. We continue to be re-assessed in order to monitor the finishes we achieve.

Furthermore, this allows us to offer warranties on the finish of your wood floors. This is a huge incentive for our clients as it offers assurance that their finish is guaranteed.

Alongside training for all of our operatives we also had to provide at least three written references from our clients. The initial training is then further cemented with a professional development course and reviews of what had been previously taught. This is then repeated every twelve months thereafter.

Pallmann guidelines are rigorous and are made that way for a purpose. Any Pallmann contractor is tied to using the ‘Good for Wood’ system products. This commitment shows how highly we regard these formulations.

The range is incredible and really does cover absolutely every aspect of the wood floor sanding and restoration process. The finishes we achieve are therefore superior to jobs where other products are used.

Did you know?

To ensure that all work carried out meets the highest standards, Pallmann is allowed to audit at least two randomly selected job sites per year. All of this provides existing and future clients with added assurance.

Are you interested in requesting a quotation for us to restore your wooden floors? Have you got questions about Pallmann products? We would be happy to assist. Please call today on 0800 852 7177.

Need to Know Wood Floor Finish Advice

By On October 23, 2017 No Comments

It is true that there is a host of information available about wood finishes. The end result may be that you are more confused than where you started. Oils, waxes, stains are just some of the variations and it is important that you select the best wood finish for your floor.

Without this you will be left with a wooden floor that is inadequately protected and likely looking nothing like you would have imagined.

What is the solution? The solution is seeking the advice of a wood floor restoration specialist. We were invited to sand this wood floor in Lytham St Annes. The room had an extremely dark painted finish so it was decided that they wanted a white hard wax oil wood finish for their newly restored floor.

Floor Sander Lytham Sanding Wooden Floors Lytham






Hard wax oil is an extremely versatile product and is a blend of tung oil and carnauba wax. It can be used for wooden flooring as well as furniture. The application of this product provides a very high barrier against liquid spillages, usage and staining.

It allows the natural appearance of the wooden boards to shine through whilst offering the highest protective qualities. It provides a matt finish that is relatively straight forward and easy to maintain.

Wax Oil floor finish Lytham Hard Wax Oil Lancashire






Due to its high resistance ability it is suitable for many rooms throughout your home, even bathrooms and kitchens. That shows the suitability for areas of your home where there is heavy use. It is only an interior finish.

The results of the floor sanding project totally transformed the room. It offered a superior feel and oozed quality and sophistication once we’d finished. The end result really pulled the room together and created a complimentary statement for the characteristic room.

Are you looking for a floor sander with wide-ranging experience? Call 1 Stop Floor Care today on 0800 852 7177.

Why Restore Wooden Floors?

By On October 16, 2017 No Comments

We often talk about creating incredible transformations. Some of our clients completely transform the appearance of their home or business by restoring their wooden floors. This isn’t always the case and isn’t always required.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that wood floors, after use don’t need restoring. We were invited to restore this wood floor in Mawdesley recently. No drastic change in wood finish was required; they just wanted their worn and tired floor to be given a new lease of life.

Sanding Floors Lancashire Damaged wooden floors Lancashire






The first images show that the floor had been well-used and that it needed to be fully sanded in order to take the top, worn layers off. Once again, we got to work with our industrial floor sanding machinery.

All of the top layers were sanded back using our state-of-the-art dustless sanding machine. This is the point at which you can see the natural wood underneath. The wooden boards in this state are easily damaged and should always be finished with an appropriately selected wood finish alternative.

Restoring wooden floors Chorley Wood restoration Chorley






For the type of building this was, it was clear that a hard-wearing finish would be required. The hall is used for many different events and the wood floor restoration work is an investment into the building so needs to offer value for money.

The wood finish products were applied and the court lines replaced. Although there was no drastic change in the floors appearance with regards to colour or finish, the restored floor provided the ‘wow factor’ nevertheless.

Floor Sander Mawdesley Floor Sanding Mawdesley






Why Restore Wooden Floors? To breathe new life into your tired and worn out wooden floors!

Once again, it is important that our clients feel confident that they have selected the best Company to complete the work. We are confident that we are the best-served professionals for your floor sanding work so we ensure to provide the best-available service at every opportunity. Contact our friendly staff today on 0800 852 7177.

Maple Floor Restoration Leyland

By On September 25, 2017 No Comments

We were asked to fully restore this once beautiful maple floor in Balshaw’s in Leyland, Lancashire. It was in a terrible state when we arrived to complete the work. As usual we were able to envisage the completed look so were able to offer confidence to our clients.

Why is Maple used for Sports Halls?

Wood Floor Restoration LeylandThere are exceptions to the rule but generally maple is always used for sports halls and gym floors. This may seem strange but there are many reasons why this is the case. Put simply it is due to maple’s hardness rating, its shock absorbance, its beautiful appearance and its availability / affordability.

Having a high hardness rating means that it is less likely to suffer from damage through regular use and wear. Other wood types such as oak or walnut may suffer more damage from heavy athletic use.

Floor Sander LeylandHaving a high shock resistance offers a benefit to the users of any particular maple flooring. Heavy athletic stepping or running is hard on individual’s joints so a floor that offers a more responsive offers tangible benefits.

As with many other natural wood types, its beautiful grain patterns and overall appearance is both individual and striking. Maple trees are widely grown which means that as a product to install, maple is generally widely available. This tends to mean that it is an affordable material which also works well for its intended users.

Restored Maple Floor LeylandThe surface coatings on this particular floor were vast. The above image shows the extent of the coatings that were removed and offers evidence as to why the floor had become so tired-looking.

Once the surface coatings were removed the entire maple floor was sanded and restored. A more natural finish was selected so that the sports hall could be more multi-use.

The result was incredible and we left the flooring looking exquisitely transformed. Call today on 0800 852 7177.

Why Wood Floors?

By On September 21, 2017 No Comments

Where better to start than the fact that they look great. An expanse of beautiful, natural-looking wood is instantly attractive. Wood floors offer a unique look, made possible by different wood finishes.

This leads on seamlessly to another element that considers that the look of a wood floor can be drastically altered with such finishes. Whether you are looking to make a dark floor lighter, or a light floor darker; the options really are limitless. This means that you are able to select a finish that is completely co-ordinated to the floor’s surroundings.

Floor Sander PrestonWooden floors, when looked after correctly last for decades. This means that it is well worth investing in a high-quality product and then learning all you can about how best to clean and maintain it. We are on hand to help with this.

Routine cleaning of wooden floors should be straightforward. There are no ways of stopping deteriorating factors, especially in commercial settings, however, regular maintenance is the key. We were asked to restore this floor in the Kirkham Community Centre.

Restoring Maple Floors PrestonThe old surface coatings had aged the floor and it looked lifeless before we stated the restoration process. These were all fully removed to reveal the beautiful natural maple wood floor beneath. All surfaces scratching and dull spots were removed so that when the new finish was applied, it would transform the appearance.

A restored wood floor looks great and offers a more hygienic flooring alternative than something like carpet that filters and holds dirt and bacteria. It also provides a surface that is softer underfoot than stone tiles.

Once the floor sanding project had been completed the natural grain of the maple wood was visible and it really did brighten the hall. Are you looking for a commercial floor sander? Call today on 0800 852 7177. We serve the Lancashire and surrounding areas with comprehensive floor sanding expertise.

Kelbrook Village Hall Restoration Project Lancashire

By On September 11, 2017 No Comments

Village Halls provide an incredible space for the local community. They are a treasured place, frequently used for many different classes and events. These may range from luncheon clubs for the elderly, fitness classes, art classes to toddler groups. This comprehensive list provides evidence of the diverse usage of such a facility.

It also shows the wear and tear that the wooden floor has to put up with. Village hall regular events are often broken down into morning, afternoon and evening sessions. This means that use can start early in the day and finish late in the evening. This really does emphasise the heavy usage that they experience.

Floor Sander Lancashire Wood Floor Sanding Lancashire






We were asked to restore the Village Hall wood floor. The heavy use had worn down the appearance of the floor and it was in need of our specialist wood floor restoration techniques. Never would you believe the transformation that could be achieved in this space!

The area that we were asked to work on was the main hall. This was the old church school hall and measures approximately 47ft x 32ft. When we arrived, there was a badminton court marked out. After the floor had been sanded it was important that this court was relayed as it was regularly used.

Prior to the floor sanding process beginning, the floor had quite a dark wood finish. While this was offering next to no protection for the natural wood underneath, it was decided that the new finish would have a clear appearance to show off the beautiful natural wood grain.

Restoring wooden floors Lancashire Village hall restoration Lancashire






The first image shows the appearance of the floor before our work commenced. Towards the right of the image, the initial part of the process can be seen. The sanding machinery is used in lines to strip back the old layers of finish.

Once the floor was fully sanded, it was appropriately prepared and a wood finish applied. As requested, this offered a lighter and clear appearance, but remained to offer a hard-wearing surface.

Are you looking to restore your hall floor? We feel confident that we are the best-equipped Company to deal with your floor sanding project. Call today on 0800 852 7177.

Respectfully Restoring Wood Floors Birkenhead

By On August 29, 2017 No Comments

A floors heritage is really important to a lot of people. Too frequently is it heard of that individuals are wasteful. This wastefulness extends to their homes and elements within their home including their floors.

Floor Restorer BirkenheadSome people view damaged floors as past redemption. Without specialist knowledge, informed decisions are not possible. Did you know that some of the most damaged wood floors are able to be fully restored to a newly-laid appearance?

We were invited to restore the floor throughout the Bromborough Methodist Church in Birkenhead. This is a beautiful building with incredible heritage. Prior to work commencing, all elements of the project were discussed. This included the floor sanding process with an agreed wood finish.

Floor sanding BirkenheadThis all forms part of the comprehensive preparation that takes place prior to a job starting. What else is required? The entire space needs to be cleared; any items on the floor need to be removed and put in a safe place.

The first image shows how the surface coating had been damaged. This effectively means that the natural material underneath is open to the elements. Any spillages or wear quickly offers further damage. Whilst this is a sliding scale, this floor was in a particularly poor state.

Floor Sander BirkenheadWhilst we would strongly advise that wooden floors are not left to deteriorate to such a level, we were pleased to offer help to breathe new life into it. The floor was successfully sanded with all old wood finishes being removed to reveal a primed surface.

The wood finish was then applied which offered the final transformation. There were many areas of this project that provided challenges. This often comes as part of the room details. These elements bring character and allow us the opportunity to showcase our true expertise. Are you looking for a reputable floor sander serving Lancashire? Call today on 0800 852 7177.

Restoring Beech Wood Flooring Lancashire

By On August 26, 2017 No Comments

Commercial floor sanding requires an experienced approach. We were asked to restore this beech wood sports floor in Lancashire. This kind of wood floor has its own advantages and pays testament to its continued popularity. What are these advantages?

Sandingn Beech Wood LancashireIts Elegant Appearance

As a natural material, it likely that the floor will age gracefully in its colouration. This offers an advantage against other synthetic or man-made materials. With the correct care and attention this can really boost the aesthetics of the floor. This natural and organic material really does offer an elegant look.

Its Impressive Durability

Beech wood is relatively non-porous and offers a strong surface. This means that it is generally hard-wearing as a wooden floor alternative. This has allowed some experts to offer an explanation as a hard-wearing wood. Therefore, beech wood floors are desirable if fitted in a high usage space.

Its Ability to Absorb Shocks

This was a huge advantage for this specific floor’s location as a sports floor. This floor type is referred to be shock absorbing. This means that for a sports hall it doesn’t impact on its users for bearing weight or for receiving high-impact.

Restoring Beech Wood LancashireWhen we arrived to quote for this particular floor sanding work the sports floor was in a deteriorated state. It was fully sanded in order to remove all old surface coatings. This effectively removes all of the damaged surface and reveals the natural material beneath.

Our clients were pleased with the original colouration of the grain and wood. It was therefore decided that a natural finish would be most appropriate for this project. The wood finish required also needed to be hard-wearing in order to stand up to the anticipated high use.

Have you got beech flooring that needs fully restoring or sanding? Are you looking for a commercial floor sander? Look no further and call 1 Stop Floor Care today on 0800 852 7177.

Need to Know Details about Fantastic Floor Sanding

By On August 25, 2017 No Comments

There are many determining factors when considering the cost of reinstating wooden floors. This part of the process is very open and we will discuss all of these elements during the quotation process. Some of these factors may include:

  • Restoring Parquet Floors LancashireThe size of the space
  • The state to which the floor is in
  • Detailing of the room that makes access more challenging
  • The finish required

It is important to consider when you are looking at a room to think about the challenges the space may provide. Smaller rooms can offer challenges such as fireplaces, bay windows, detailed skirting boards etc.

Floor Sander LancashireTo ensure that a superior finish is achieved it is imperative to reach into each and every corner of the room. Alongside this, all edges must be seamlessly sanded. All of which, whilst protecting every aspect of our client’s home or business.

Whilst this is a consideration it is not impossible. Too many times have we been informed of spaces where inadequate effort has been made either to reach the edges of the space or to protect the surrounding boundaries. This is not acceptable and an experienced approach will avoid this.

If there are any challenges that may impact on the finish achieved, it is imperative that these are discussed at the point the work is quoted for. What does this do? It enables our clients to make an informed decision.

Sanding Parquet Flooring LancashireThis often plays a pivotal role in the way in which the projects run. It is important for us that our clients are informed prior to the process starting so that they are exceptionally pleased with the results we achieve.

This five-finger block parquet floor was skilfully restored and finished. It transformed the small space and added further character to a beautifully unique space. Parquet floors are full of character and their history within the home can be treasured for many years. Once restored they can be cleaned routinely to make sure they offer many more years of service.

Are you looking for a floor sanding expert serving the Lancashire area? Call 1 Stop Floor Care today on 0800 852 7177.

How to Apply Wood Finishes Lancashire

By On July 29, 2017 No Comments

We regularly talk about wood finishes and the importance of getting them right. It is incredible to identify that many of our clients are not well informed about wood finishes and the product selection available.

We also usually find that once we start to discuss product selection that our clients start to feel as though there are too many choices. This is where our time-served experience comes into play and we are able to offer valuable information that helps them to select the best product for their particular floor.

This does not mean that we blind them with science or that we only recommend a wood finish that we are comfortable using. It means that we will carefully consider their floor, the expected use and the information discussed by our client.

All of these details assist the decision-making process and will narrow down the product list to specific finishes that will best suit any particular job.

Wood Finish Application

The application of any wood finish product, as we have discussed before is vitally important. If a product is laid to thickly or thinly then it will not offer optimum protection for the wood boards underneath. If it is laid unevenly or areas are missed the same issue will occur.

Smooth application will mean that the entire surface is equally protected. Finish application can go so wrong and with any large space can be quite a daunting prospect for those with insufficient knowledge.

We created this short video that shows us applying a wood finish to a large expanse of newly restored wooden floor boards. It shows how the finish is applied smoothly. There are simple techniques in the way that the application process is handled so that the edges of the floor are as seamlessly protected as the central boards.

Are you looking for someone to fully restore your wooden floor? Call 1 Stop Floor Care today and we will be happy to provide you with a quotation. Call our helpful staff today on 0800 852 7177.

Pitch Pine Parquet Transformation Birkenhead

By On July 17, 2017 No Comments

It is undeniable that pitch pine parquet is a timeless option for a flooring alternative. Pitch pine is generally identified as a harder, heavier pine. It is used in many settings, however, seemed incredibly popular in commercial buildings.

Some of these are typically schools, churches and halls. They provided a hard wearing, yet striking alternative and managed to outlast many other materials.

What are some of the characteristics of Pitch Pine?

  • This type of wooden floor is identifiable by its pale golden yellow colour
  • Don’t forget that older, more, slower-grown alternatives may be deeper in colour
  • It is extremely strong and heavier than other types
  • Pitch pine offers shock resistance

Pitch Pine Parquet Birkenhead Pitch Pine Birkenhead






We were asked to fully restore this beautiful pitch pine parquet floor in Birkenhead. The first images show the level of surface damage when we arrived. It really had lost any of its attractiveness and was in need of our help.

The old surface coatings had not only discoloured but it had lost any ability to protect the wood below. It looked patchy to the eye and unsightly. As we always say, it did not provide the right look for the setting.

Floor Sanders Birkenhead Floor Sander Birkenhead






All of the old finish was removed during the sanding process. Once again, a beautiful natural wood was revealed. The grain pattern of this particular floor was incredible and it because identifiable how well the flooring had worn through heavy use over the years.

An appropriate wood finish was selected to ensure the surface was hard-wearing. Product selection is incredibly important. We are confident in our ability to select the best products for each and every step of the floor restoration process.

Wood floor transformation Birkenhead Parquet Flooring Birkenhead






The school hall wooden floor was transformed and a beautiful, natural grain was left to shine though. The floor was well-protected and we offered advice on how best to maintain the floor. Please contact our helpful staff today to arrange a quotation for your floor sanding project on 0800 852 7177.

Know Your Wood Finishes

By On June 9, 2017 No Comments

When you are considering restoring your wood floors there are different elements that you need to consider. Each of these play an important role in the overall success of the project. One incredibly important element that we are going to discuss is your chosen wood finish.

Why is this important?

  • A wood finish protects your wood boards underneath
  • Wooden finishes show the outward appearance of any transformation

This really can be make or break for your wood restoration project due to the fact that it is the first thing visitors to your home or property will see.

Floor Sander ChorleySelecting the most appropriate wood finish will offer you the opportunity to create a real statement with your restoration. It is important that a finish is selected that appropriately protects the floor from the anticipated usage and offers the right level of coverage to the wood boards.

Some of our clients want a finish that will show the wood grain through. Others want complete coverage. This is where design is individual and this is where our professional input is key. We take the time to discuss all options and offer advice based solely on our client’s individual requirements.

These images show a job that we recently completed. It is sometimes the case that our client’s need to see the finishes on their particular floor in order to envision the completed space. This sample process offers a tangible opportunity to see exactly how your floor will look when finished.

Floor Sander LancashireIt is important to remember that a wood finish viewed on a screen or image may look completely different to when it is applied to your wood boards. This is why the sample process can be so important to some clients if they are struggling to decipher between different options.

Are you considering wood floor restoration? Remember: looks can be deceiving! Your wooden floors on quick glance can appear to be in an adequate condition. On closer inspection elements of deterioration become more apparent. Call our helpful staff today on 0800 852 7177 to enquire about our floor sanding services.

White Wood Finish Ribchester

By On May 15, 2017 No Comments

Wooden floors are arguably the most timeless floor covering available. At the point of installation, there are many wood types available. Further down the line, wood floors then offer further versatility as their looks can be completed transformed without the cost of replacement.

If a wooden floor starts to look aged and you are feeling as though the space needs a change then this too is possible. How might you tell that your flooring may need refinishing?

  • The colour may have taken on a yellow-like colour
  • The surface coatings may have started to flake
  • General wear and tear of the surface will be visible

White wood finishes RibchesterWe recently completed this floor restoration job in Ribchester, Lancashire. The old floor covering had aged in the ways listed above. Our clients wanted a more modern appearance and felt as though a lighter finish would lift their beautiful room.

Once the furniture had been taken out of the room, the extent of the damage to the floor was clear. Although superficial, there were dull areas and scratch marks.

We knew with our expert floor sanding services that the space could easily be transformed. All old coatings were removed with our sanding machinery, leaving the natural wood to be refinished.

White wood finish RibchesterA white hard wax oil was selected in order to achieve the desired look. This product would also suit the usage of the room and offer a durable and hard-wearing finish for the family.

The new appearance complimented the existing décor and really did modernise the look of the floor. Don’t let your wood floors age and become unsightly. Our services are competitively priced.

We care about our clients and we are passionate about delivering the best possible finish and service. Would you like some information and advice on wood finishes? Is your floor looking past its best? Call 1 Stop Floor Care on 0800 852 7177 to arrange a survey; let us help breathe new life into your floor!

Dance Studio Flooring Preston

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We received a call from the Fever Dance Company. Their dance studio in Preston, Lancashire was in need of some tender loving care. When we surveyed the floor it was evident that the studio was an incredibly well-used space.

The dance studio is used seven days a week for many dance classes. This had culminated into a lifeless floor, in need of our help. Due to the fact that the studio was so well-used, it was important that the wood restoration was arranged for a time that would offer minimal disruption to their busy schedule.

Restoring wood floors Preston Dance Studio Wood Floor Preston






Therefore, it was quickly identified that timescales for the job were important for our client. How is this managed?

  • Our experience in the trade means that we are equipped to quickly identify the best materials to complete the job
  • We use the best-available floor sanding machinery to offer an efficient service with superior results
  • Our skilled team are able to be deployed in order to ensure that sufficient manpower is available to complete the work in a timely manner
  • We have industrial driers that speed up the drying time of the wood finish

The survey also identified the importance of selecting the most appropriate finish for the floor. Because the wood floor is used as a dance studio, the selected finish needed to:

  • Offer adequate traction for the dancers
  • Be hard-wearing and durable to support the daily usage

The wood sanding process removed the top layers of old finish and sanded away the surface scratches and dull spots. The wood finish was then applied in order to protect the floor beneath and to offer the resistance against wear.

Floor Sandning Preston Floor Sander Preston






Once completed the wood flooring was transformed and once again, ready to take on the daily challenges of dancing feet. Is your floor looking past its best? Are you curious if it can be restored? Call 1 Stop Floor Care today on 0800 852 7177.

Wood Restoration Project Buxton

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When you are considering restoring your wood floor, it does not necessarily mean that you are looking for a huge change. You may adore the colour of your wooden floor but feel as though years of use and wear have just made it look unsightly.

How does this happen? Damage to wood floors is often heightened in commercial properties due to simple fact that individuals visiting the property do not take their shoes off. All types of contaminants and particles are carried in by people’s shoes. These may scratch the surface or they may fall off your footwear and be left on the floor. Someone else then walking over these particles will then further scratch and dull the surface.

Damaged wooden floor Lancashire Damaged wood floors Lancashire






It may also be that larger items are dropped onto the floor. This may cause larger scratches or dents. Either way, it is important that these are not left. Regular maintenance will make sure dirt and particles are removed and unable to further damage the flooring.

We were asked to restore this beautiful wooden floor in the Old Hall Hotel in Buxton. The first images show how damaged the floor was prior to work commencing. The finish had discoloured and the entire floor had suffered a range of superficial and deep scratches.

Sanding wood floors Buxton Restoring wood floors Buxton






The second set of images show the floor after it was fully sanded and prior to the application of their chosen finish. It is sometimes difficult to believe the actual colour of the floor once the wood finish has been stripped back. The wood, in its natural state was in great condition and we knew, once re-finished would offer great service to this incredible property.

Floor Sanding Buxton Floor Sander Buxton






Once the new wood finish was applied and fully dried, the transformation was clear to see. No longer was your eye going to be drawn to the deteriorated state of the floor, but instead the beautiful surroundings. Are you looking for a floor sander? Call 1 Stop Floor Care today on 0800 852 7177.

Oak Parquet Floor Restoration Preston

By On April 20, 2017 1 Comment

We were asked to restore this oak parquet floor in Preston recently. Oak floors are by far one of the most popular wood flooring alternatives and there are many reasons as to why this may be the case.

As a hardwood Oak is extremely hard-wearing. It has many uses in the building trade which has facilitated its credibility. This floor offers an insight into the style that an oak floor can bring to any property. What a statement for an entrance way to your home?

Oak’s colour gets richer as the year’s progress. It is important, therefore, to consider reclaimed pieces when completing a restoration of your oak floor. Damaged pieces must be reset and possibly replaced if necessary. This forms part of our all-round service.

Parquet Floor Preston Oiled Parquet Floor Preston






Our clients have the utmost assurance that they are appointing the best-available Company to restore their wooden floor. Each and every aspect of the restoration process is carefully considered in order to achieve the best finish.

Oak’s attractive grain pattern also provides a decorative effect. This often adds to the overall look of the floor. The fact that oak is available in such varying styles, grades and dimensions means that individuals have the opportunity of achieving an individual look.

Another element that some may not know is that oak floors are resistant to mould, mildew and fungus. In environments where there is a slightly higher moisture content this can play a really important role. An expertly finished wood floor will offer further resistance and will ensure that it remains looking great.

Oak Parquet Preston Oak Parquet Floor Preston

Parquet Floors; Restored!

This particular floor was fully sanded, damaged boards were replaced and the entire floor was finished with an oil. When finished it once again offered an opulent and stylish look. If you would like to enquire about restoring your wood floor we would appreciate your enquiry on 0800 852 7177.

Marble Grinding and Polishing Lytham St Annes

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Marble tiles are one of the most instantly recognisable natural stone tiles. If you ask anyone what they associate with marble it is often described as sophisticated, hard-wearing and expensive.

Marble polishing Lytham Although there is truth in all of these statements it is important that you are well-equipped with the necessary knowledge of how to care of your marble floor if you have one.

These images show a marble grinding and marble polishing job that we completed in Lytham St Annes. When we arrived the marble floor tiles had signs of daily use and wear. It was decided that the tiles needed to be fully restored in order to achieve the best result for our clients.

Marble grinding is the beginning stage of the restoration process. Our machinery uses diamond abrasives to remove surface contaminants and scratches from the surface of the stone tiles.

This part of the programme is made up of different stages and it is important that these are tailored. These need to be tailored in order to reflect the individual care of the particular tiles that you are restoring.

Marble Polishing Lytham St AnnesRestoring marble tiles may be a challenging but it is a process that yields outstanding results. As the top layer is removed, it reveals a flawless new surface underneath.

This new surface can then be polished to varying levels in order to achieve either a honed finish or a polished one.

The beautiful finish was selected by our client and they were so pleased with the results that we achieved through our professional service. The marble floor was left fully sealed and looking great. Sealed tiles offer resistance against wear and damage.

Marble cleaning and restoration does demand a skilled approach. One which we take great pride in! If you would like to enquire about our stone polishing provision please call today on 0800 852 7177.

Careful Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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It is often underestimated the positive association given when entering a commercial premises with clean carpets. Clean carpets offer instant assurance that you care about the appearance of your business.

Some businesses have a real challenge on their hands with this. Consider, for example, a pub or an area where many people are eating and drinking. Both food particles and drink spillages lead to quick re-soiling of any carpet. A routine maintenance plan is needed in order to take the stress away from this situation.

Commercial carpet cleaners LancashireCommercial carpet cleaning Lancashire






Cleaning commercial carpets needs an understanding of existing business commitments. We will always endeavour to complete any cleaning work in hours that are best suited for your business. This means that disruption is kept to an absolute minimum and the appearance of your business is always at its best.

How long does the carpet cleaning process take?

The timescales will vary depending on level of soiling, the size of the space and whether much furniture needs removing. Our intensive carpet cleaning machinery means that our cleaning process is fast and efficient. Some carpet stains may require specialist stain removal procedures but rest assured that the downtime for your business will be kept at an absolute minimum. We also have fast drying equipment that ensures the carpets are ready to be used again within a couple of hours.

Clean Carpets LancashireCleaning Carpets Chorley






The carpet cleaning process offers genuine care for your carpets. A regularly cleaned carpet will remain looking at its best and will be better equipped to offer resistance against further staining. Many of our commercial clients sign up to our maintenance programme which means we take care of their carpets.

Would you like to find out more about this service? Please call today on 0800 852 7177. We always go the extra mile to ensure we deliver the best possible service.

Transforming Wood Floors

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Newly finished wooden floors are one of the most attractive and striking floor types. They become less about covering them up and more about showcasing them. The wood restoration process is all about going back to basics and stripping back the damaged layers to reveal a beautiful surface underneath.

Transforming wood floors BlackburnThere are so many deteriorating factors that wear away at the surface of your wood floor. These include shoes, toys, pets and even just daily usage. Although many wood finishes are created to offer a durable surface, this is not everlasting.

The finish can start to peel or flake away and when a floor is no longer protected by a finish it will deteriorate at an incredible rate. Any spills will be absorbed and the hardened finish that once protected the floor will offer no barrier to scratches and scuffs.

An incredibly important part of the process is to select the best-available products. This careful selection will prove to be the difference between an adequate result and an exceptional one. Any finished floor needs to offer protection against further wear. And it needs to look great. Any product formulation must be able to offer assurance in relation to this matter.

Tranforming wood floors BoltonThis is why our experience pays dividends as we are able to offer information and advice on the best products to restore your wood floors. We are an independent Company the products that we choose have been selected purely because they fulfil their purpose.

Floor sanding offers varying challenges from splintering, gaps, grain pattern and damaged boards. We offer a service that finds a solution to all of these and produces a finished wood floor that is both attractive and functional.

Wooden floors can be transformed such as the one in these images. A once darkened room can become bathed with natural beauty. If you would like to enquire about our wood floor sanding services please call today on 0800 852 7177.

Restored Wooden Floors Preston

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We were asked to restore this wooden floor in Preston. This was part of a larger job where we sanded a few different floors within the home. Individual wood finishes were selected for the floors, creating unique spaces.

Floor Sanding Advice LancashireIt is true that a wood finish can create an individual statement for any space. The tones and colouration can look different in varying lights and they can range from a dark hue to a clear appearance.

This particular floor had been covered by a carpet for many years. Any carpet application is completed with carpet grippers and adhesive. The carpet gripper strips are often attached to the floor with specialist adhesive. When these are taken up they can provide a real challenge to remove.

Other carpet adhesives can also leave a lot of residue on the surface of the wooden floor. It is important that absolutely all of this is removed prior to finishing the floor. If this were to be left there would be an uneven finishes and the floor would look patchy where the product remained.

Floor Sander PrestonWhen a carpet has been laid for many years the likelihood is that the adhesives have become brittle. This means that the carpet is easier to remove, however does not mean an easier job for the floor sanders.

Although our professional sanding machinery makes as light work of this process as possible. The floor looked incredible once finished. Our clients wanted a darker finish that brought out the grain pattern of the floor. This provided a stunning look which they were so pleased with.

Beautiful wood floors can be found in many older buildings, hidden under other floor coverings. These floors have such character and can be sanded, repair and finished to offer a striking alternative. Are you considering a floor sanding project? Please call us today on 0800 852 7177.

Advice from a Time-Served Floor Sander

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We regularly receive enquiries from individuals that are either less than satisfied with their own attempts at floor sanding. Either that or they feel similarly about a floor restoration job completed by another Company.

Either way it is important to remember that there is a clear and concise way in which a floor should be sanded. Some are confident with the intricacies that this process brings and some may approach the job with more hesitation.

Some Mistakes May Include:

1) Selection of incorrect machinery

It is hard to argue that anything can beat the floor sanding machinery available via professional floor sanding Companies. Some of these machines include belt sanders, drum sanders, edge sanders and more, smaller tools. It is important that the correct tool is identified for any particular part of the sanding process.

2) Selection of incorrect products

This is incredibly important as some products are not suited to the floor sanding process. This also extends to the incorrect application of any particular product. Some formulations need to be applied in different ways so it is important that you are aware of this prior to attempting this process. Invest time in researching the best product for your particular floor as this will ensure the longevity of your restored wood floor.

3) Inexperience in the ways in which to sand wood floors

Floor Sander LancashireSome machinery requires you to sand in a particular motion. If you use the sander across the grain of the wood boards, damage can be caused and can be expensive to fix. Do not rush to complete the work as this will inevitably produce a poorly finished floor. It is worth taking your time.

Our advice wouldn’t be complete without outlining that our professional services for restoring wooden floors is cost-effective. We have vast experience and can complete the job quickly and efficiently.

It really is worth calling us for a no obligation quotation to find out whether we can support your wood restoration project. Call today on 0800 852 7177.

The Secrets of Dust Free Floor Sanding

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Frequently Asked Questions about Floor Sanding

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How should I regularly maintain my newly restored wooden floor?

Floor Sanding WhalleyDirt is carried in from outside and with its abrasive factors will wear away at the finish of the floor. It is not only grit that has abrasive elements. For this reason it is really important that particles are removed on a regular basis. This does not have to be a time-intensive process. However, it will elongate the lifespan of your restored wood floor. Daily or regular sweeping with a soft brush or vacuum will be enough to complete this process.

Are reclaimed wooden boards used to replace damaged ones?

It is unlikely that we would ever advise that reclaimed boards. This is due to the fact that these are often sourced from industrial locations. This means that they are likely to be thicker than those used in domestic applications. For this reason it is usually advised that old boards from similar premises are used. These should be uncleaned and not sanded to enable the best possible finish.

My floorboards were covered by carpet and look in very poor condition. Is it still possible to restore them?

Floor Sander LancashireIf a wood floor has been hidden under a carpet it is likely that there will be a host of products, glue and other adhesives that are left on the surface. In most cases all of these can be removed during the sanding process. Even some of the most deteriorated-looking floors can be transformed.

Have you got questions about the floor sanding process? It is important that you feel well-educated in relation to the project prior to it starting. The survey process is very important and this allows us to discuss all aspects of the restoration project.

We are time-served floor sanders serving the wider-Lancashire area. Please call today on 0800 852 7177.

Advice from a Commercial Floor Sander

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Commercial floor sanding is not for the faint hearted. It is only the best-served professionals that are able to take on such work. Furthermore this type of floor sanding requires an incredible understanding of each and every process involved with sanding wooden floors.

Commercial floor sander PrestonIndividuals that are under-equipped or do not have the knowledge required to complete large-scale work will likely find the process too challenging. Why is this?

  • Whatever the size; the floor needs to be seamlessly sanded to produce an even finish
  • The application of a wood finish must be completed in a timely manner

This is particularly relevant as wood finishes are vital to the overall success of any particular job. Why? It is accepted that the application of a finish isn’t necessarily enjoyable to those who are inexperienced.

Therefore… Why Finish Your Wood Floors?

  • To keep them clean

Wood as a natural material is porous. These pores, if untreated, accumulate dirt such as particles, dust and contaminants. This is unsightly and can work to further deteriorate the wooden floor. When a wood finish is applied it works as a seal to the surface of the individual pores and means that they are unlikely to fill with dirt again and will be easier to clean.

  • To help with moisture issues

Commercial Floor Sander LancshireAs wood absorbs and releases moisture, the environment that it is laid determines how serious an issue this is. Wood is responsive to humidity and the application of a finish minimises these effects, leaving a stable surface.

  • Aesthetic benefits

Although natural wood is a beautiful material; a finish for wood floors provides a decorative element. There is a huge range of finishes available from a simple wax or oil to other alternatives that provide colour enhancements.

If you would like to find out more about our commercial floor sanding provision we would invite you to call us today on 0800 852 7177.

Sanding Parquet Floors Bury

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Imagine if you were to uncover a parquet floor in a home restoration project. At the very least it will require some tender loving care to get it back up to its original lustre. In some cases full wood restoration is required.

The following information has been formulated in order to provide detail of the process used to restore parquet flooring.

Parquet floor restoration Bury Floor Sanders Bury






The first step is to identify loose or missing blocks. The entire floor needs to be checked. There may be some movement in the blocks or the blocks may make a hollow sound when knocked. It is important that when moving any loose or damaged blocks that you are careful not to loosen surrounding ones.

The second step would be to clean the wooden blocks and underfloor. Very old wooden floors were installed with Bitumen. All of this needs completely stripping back prior to any new boards being fitted. Successful application of new boards will be dictated to by the full removal of all backings.

A TOP TIP here is to make sure that the floor covering underneath is left even and clean.

Sanding Parquet Floors Bury Restoring Parquet Flooring Bury






Once the preparation of the wooden floor is complete, the sanding process will start. A combination of sanders are then used to fully sand the entire floor. It is imperative that this process needs to be done in a methodical and careful way.

It is always advisable to sand with the grain, however, Parquet floors are notoriously difficult with this theory. We will always work our way down through different grades of sanding paper until we get the required finish.

Gap filling will run in line with this process to achieve a beautiful-looking wood floor. A wood finish is then ready to be applied. We will discuss your options with you in order to achieve the best result. If you would like to enquire about our wood floor sanding services please call 0800 852 7177.

Floor Sanding Frequently Asked Questions

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Our floor sanding services are quality assured and we take great pride in offering information and advice to our customers. When we complete a survey of a wood floor we will take the time to discuss the elements of the job with our clients. Through our experience we have come across many questions about floor sanding. Here are some:

Are my wood floors in too bad condition to restore?

Wood Floor Sanding BoltonIf you are considering restoring your wood floors then it is likely they are in a bad way. It may be that they have been hidden under another floor covering or they have lost their lustre after many years of use.

Either way, the floor sanding process sands away the top layers of the wood boards. This reveals a beautifully smooth surface. This is where experience in the trade pays dividends and we are well-versed in how to approach challenging floor sanding work. We will always apply our knowledge in order to achieve the best-possible sanded floor for our clients.

How do you fill gaps in the wood floor?

There are a couple of different ways that this type of wood repair can be tackled. The first method is to glue a strip of wood into the gap. This only works for larger gaps but can offer a really great finish. Smaller gaps may be filled using a gap filler. This also works for fine line repairs. Rest assured that we will find the best method for your individual floor.

How long will my newly sanded wood floor last?

Wood Floor Restoration FormbyThere are many factors that can influence this answer; but we will always offer advice when attending the survey. The influencing factors include: level of footfall, the environment where the floor is fitted and the ways in which the floor is cleaned.

On average we say that a restored and finished wooden floor will last between 5-10 years. Commercial wood floors may last around 3-5 years but this will also depend on usage.

We have a range of maintenance programmes that will ensure your wood floors are left looking at their best for their lifetime. Call today with any questions you may have on 0800 852 7177.

Amtico Cleaning Specialists Lancashire

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Amtico is a very popular flooring choice. There has to be a reason as to why it is one of the most popular flooring alternatives to fit into new-build homes. Why is this?

Amtico Floors:

  • Are warmer underfoot than other flooring types such as tile or stone
  • Are available in a wide range of finishes
  • Are incredibly durable and can withstand high foot traffic and daily wear
  • Are attractive in their appearance
  • Offer easy maintenance

Amtico Cleaners LancashireAmtico floors are a vinyl-based product. They are manufactured to replicate the appearance of other floor types such as wood or stone. They offer a high-quality and cost-effective alternative.

Many are unaware that Amtico flooring can be restored if, over time, it has suffered wear and scratches through daily use. Some assume that because it is a manufactured product that it can’t be restored.

We offer professional cleaning for Amtico and we have the knowledge and experience in order to produce an incredibly-restored and beautiful floor. Once cleaned your floor will only require straightforward cleaning in the form of regular sweeping, hovering and general care.

Amtico is a great flooring material for hallways, kitchens and other busy areas of your home. These are also the spaces that demand a clean appearance. Don’t let dirty and worn floors drag down the appearance of your home or business. Call 1 Stop Floor Care today to find out about our cleaning services.

We will arrange a quotation to survey your floors; from this point you will be given a comprehensive quotation that covers all aspects of the job. There are no hidden charges or costs associated. We only use the best cleaning products and will always offer as much detail as we can so that you are confident in how to care for your floor.

We are a family-run business who have been able to build up a great local reputation through our hard work. We are fortunate enough to be in high demand so would invite you to call to arrange a quotation at your earliest convenience. Please call 0800 852 7177.

Why Wood Floors?

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Our floor cleaning and restoration services have taken us to many interesting places. It has allowed us the opportunity to build up a huge range of knowledge and experience that we utilise every day. Each floor type is fascinating and it is the uniqueness that each of them brings that continues to intrigue us.

Floor Sander BlackburnWood floors are an exceptionally timeless flooring type. There are many benefits that they offer and below you can find just some of the reasons why you should consider a wood floor.

High-quality wooden flooring will be incredibly long-lasting. In some cases the floor can last for decades. This means that it needs to be cared for correctly and that you need information of the best products to use. Wood in comparison to carpets can improve with age whereas any use for carpets will deteriorate the fibres.

Wood floors offer straightforward cleaning and maintenance. Particles and dust sit on the surface of the wood boards and not filtered as they would be on a carpeted floor. This means that daily sweeping, hovering or mopping can keep them looking great.

Wood Finishes BlackburnWood flooring offers a more hygienic alternative. Due to the fact that dirt and bacteria are easier to remove completely on wooden floors it means that with routine cleaning that there will be less airborne particles that could affect individuals with allergies. There will be no unpleasant odours from a wooden floor.

A wood floor can be fully restored. If, after years of wear, the floor starts to look as though it has been through some tough times, it can be fully restored. This means that the surface covering and top layer is sanded back. A wood finish is then applied to ensure that the floor is fully protected.

There are just some of the reasons why a wood floor should be considered. If you would like to arrange a survey for us to restore your floor we would invite you to call us on 0800 852 7177. Don’t forget that a wooden floor will offer timeless appeal and is available to a range of budgets.

School Wood Floor Restoration Liverpool

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We often discuss the requirement for commercial properties to look at their best at all times. This offers a cared-for and positive outward appearance. There are many other reasons why wood floors should be maintained regularly.

School floors are unique in their usage. They are used in a multifunctional way to satisfy the individual requirements of the students. This means that the level of foot traffic on such wooden floors is incredibly high.

Commercial floor sander LiverpoolIt then has to be considered that students will be using the wood floor with bare feet. Dance classes and other events mean that the floors need to be clean. Other problems such as splintering or flaking finishes can also cause problems for users.

This parquet floor was restored in a school in Liverpool. Over the years the floor had darkened and now really made the space feel gloomy. The wood finish had discoloured and the once crisp lines had faded.

It no longer reflected the professional appearance of the school and so they invited us to survey the floor for restoration. It was discussed that they wanted a light and bright floor. They did not want the hall to feel dark.

Commercial Floor Sanding LiverpoolIt is often the case that our clients feel passionately about their floor restoration projects. Not everyone wants the expense and disruption of replacement. Alongside this is the heritage of the floor. School flooring is steeped in history, not to mention restrictive school budgeting.

The existing flaking finish was sanded away. The drum sander was used to complete this with the edger for the surrounding perimeters. The true beauty of the floor was revealed at this point and it was possible to see what the finished product could be.

An extremely hard-wearing wood finish was then selected to boost the natural colour of the floor.

If you would like to enquire about our commercial floor sanding services please call today on 0800 852 7177.

Deep Cleaning Vinyl Floors Lancashire

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Vinyl floors are available in a huge range of styles and materials. Two of the most popular types are Amtico and Karndean. These are very similar products and require a similar guide in order to care for them.

With the launch of Karndean in the 1970’s, careful consideration was also placed into cleaning products for Karndean. As with any other floor type it is important that when cleaning your floor that you use a specific cleaning product for this floor type.

It can often be tempting to cut costs by purchasing generic cleaning solutions, however, this will not benefit your floor and may leave you with more of a problem than just ingrained dirt.

Cleaning KarndeanIf you are to select a product that is not compatible then you are likely to experience a less than satisfactory cleaning result or you could even damage the floor. The cleaning solution needs to be strong enough to remove marks, dirt and possible staining, however needs to be balanced so that it is not too harsh for the surface.

We offer a deep cleaning service for Karndean floors. When completing a professional clean we use our floor-specific trade solutions. These are diluted with water and applied to the floor. The solution is left briefly and then scrubbed with a pad. The floor is then rinsed thoroughly and all residue is removed.

The secret here is to tailor your approach depending on the state of the floor. Removal of stubborn marks can require the use of an undiluted solution. Different applicators and pads can be used in order to further clean the floor. Once the deep clean has taken place a protector is applied and the floor is left to thoroughly dry.

If you would like to request a quotation please call on 0800 852 7177. Cleaning Karndean requires in-depth knowledge in order to achieve the best result; call today.

Top Tips for Looking After Wood Floors

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Wood floors are available in a huge range of options. It may take you a while to identify the best-suited type for your property. However, when found it is likely that it will add a whole new dimension to the space.

Floor Sander LancashireThis can be the case for both smaller and larger properties. When we complete wood floor restoration work, even the smallest of spaces can be transformed. The same can be said for our larger commercial floor sanding work as well.

As well as looking great, a well-publicised fact is that wood floors are easy to maintain and withstand heavy usage. There are certain routines that you can complete that will make sure that your wooden floor stays looking its best for as long as possible. What are these?

  • Daily sweeping will eradicate particles that appear on your floor from usage and footfall. If left these particles can work as an abrasive when carried around on people’s feet. The result of this will be scratched and dull spots.

Protecting Wood Floors in Domestic Properties:

  • Placement of an entry mat both externally and internally at every doorway

Protecting Wood Floors in Commercial Properties:

  • Arrangement of a daily cleaning programme that will make sure particles are not left from daily use. It is important that your selected cleaner is familiar with the correct product formulations for wood floors.
  • Products should be used to complement this floor type and not work to wear down the wood finish.

Sanding wood floors LancashireIt is important to remember that deterioration of your floors is inevitable. It is unavoidable but should not be considered to be a huge problem.

Our floor sanding and wood repair services are there to offer a cost-effective solution to the ongoing care of wood floors.

If you would like to enquire about our services we invite you to call today on 0800 852 7177.

Parquet Floor Sander Lancashire

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It is sometimes assumed that Parquet floors are one of the best types of wood floor available. Reasons why this could be assumed is because it is more expensive to install or may be due to the finished look.

This wood type was said to be created to satisfy the needs of a niche market who wanted to produce geometric patterns. Parquet flooring is steeped in history and has come on so far to this day, however, still manages to ooze sophistication and heritage in its appearance.

There are many design patterns that can be achieved and time invested into finding the best solution for you will pay dividends once completed. The Herringbone design is likely the best-known design, however, the way in which the lozenges or blocks can be put together means that a completely bespoke floor can be arranged.

If you come across a Parquet floor in the UK it is likely that its history stems from the Edwardian times. Another benefits of parquet blocks is that it offers a great facility to repair individual lozenges if required.

Commercial Floor Sander Carlisle Wood floor repair Carlisle






Our specialist floor sanding services were requested to restore this beautiful Parquet floor at the Carlisle Magistrates Court.

There were areas that required careful repair; it is vitally important when taking this on that you are able to repair only the damaged blocks, to keep the surrounding boards safe from damage and to ensure that the finished result is as seamless as possible. Any wood repair should go unnoticed.

Commercial floor sanding Carlisle Commercial Floor Sander Lancashire







The images show the stages to which the wood floor was restored. Any wood repairs are completed first and then the entire floor is sanded with our dust free sanding system.  The end results achieved a long-lasting finish and the areas that were repaired when undetected!

If you would like to arrange for us to provide a survey to restore your wooden floor please call today on 0800 852 7177.

Commercial Floor Sanding

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We will often discuss how proud we are of the range of floor cleaning work that we receive. Not only in the range of flooring types but the distance that our demand stretches.

Commercial floor sanding work may not be for everyone but we have built up a reputation based on our specialist service for this provision. How has this built up?

  • Word of mouth
  • Having time-served experience
  • Ensuring that each and every job that we finish and complete it to the highest standards possible
  • By making sure that we answer client enquiries quickly
  • By tailoring our services so that they match the individual requirements of that job
  • By being as flexible as we can with regards to individual demands
  • By knowing exactly what we are talking about when offering information and advice
  • By enjoying taking the time to speak with our clients about their questions
  • By being flexible around existing commitments and business schedules

We completed this wood floor restoration job in the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. This shows the calibre of work that we receive which pays testament to the way in which we price our jobs and the results that we achieve without exception.

Ricoh Arena Sanding commercial wood floors






This purpose built wood floor needed completely sanding to take off the surface coloured finish. Once this had been removed, it then needed to be finished to offer a natural wood feel. It really did take on a huge transformation and the results can be seen on the images.

We are well-equipped to take on such large jobs and our skilled workforce are expertly trained to deliver first-class results quickly and efficiently.

Commercial floor sanding Lancashire Commercial floor sander Lancashire






Wood floors in commercial settings offer many advantages; their aesthetic appearance and general easy care means that they have timeless appeal.

If you have a large commercial wood floor that requires sanding and restoration please call us today on 0800 852 7177.

Our Guide to Limestone Cleaning Lancashire

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There are certain images of limestone where you can instantly recognise it. There are, however, variations where they are unrecognisable as this tile type. That is the beauty of natural stone as it can be carefully selected to create an individual style. How can this be done?

  • Polishing Limestone Tiles LancashireWith different tile shapes
  • With different tile sizes
  • With different grout colours
  • With different sized grout lines
  • With different tile designs

Limestone is recognised for its quality, durability, appearance and toughness. We find it incredible how different applications are now being used to create bespoke spaces.

Once selected, your limestone flooring should be regularly maintained. Specific products are available that will assist this process and will offer a solution to daily wear and tear. Natural stone requires cleaning, however, it is important that the cleaning solution does not strip back any of the seal applied to the surface.

Limestone Restoration LancashireEffectively your chosen product should work to compliment your stone sealer. Are you using a steam cleaner? Our advice is to stop. Why? Because the steaming process lifts dirt onto the pad which is then carried along the tile floors as you clean.

Along the way dirt and particles are left in grout lines and these can create further problems. Once dry, the particles can then be moved and can work as an abrasive. The dirt can also ingrain into the grout lines, leaving them look unsightly.

Stone Cleaning Top Tip:

It is always recommended that you sweep or vacuum up prior to applying any spray or cleaner to your limestone floor.

It may be that you are looking for a different finish. Our stone restoration services allows us to grind the surface of the stone so that it offers a more polished appearance. These images show an example of this. Call today on 0800 852 7177 to find out more.

Stone Cleaning Top Tips

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Our blog is an exceptional platform to discuss a wide range of factors relating to floor cleaning and full restoration. It works to offer a well-rounded guide into some of the fascinating elements of stone cleaning and we created this brief video to offer some top tips.

This starts from the very point that your stone tiles are fitted. Wouldn’t it be great if we could pause time and keep them looking as pristine as the day that they were fitted? To make this possible the room would need to be unused and then you would miss out on the opulence and beauty that a stone floor provides.

Usual daily wear and regular cleaning can work to deteriorate the surface of the tile. Dirt is pushed into grout lines and particles under your feet can create scratches. Unfortunately this is inevitable.

Tip 1: covers the requirement for trade machinery and products. It is a pretty obvious statement but these will inevitably create a superior finish due to the fact that they will be tailored to the tile type and offer an intensive clean.

Tip 2: it is possible that your tiles may have been damaged. If this is the case it is only the best-served professionals that can offer stone repair services.

Tip 3: is to avoid general day-to-day cleaners. If these are not specifically formulated for natural stone or tiles it is likely that it can break down the surface seal or damage the tiles over time.

Tip 4: is to save time by employing a professional that has the knowledge of the most up to date cleaning methods, products and equipment.

Tip 5: is to invest time in finding the best-served local specialist. Take time to look into their website, their images of previous work completed and detail available for prospective customers.

We are always looking for ways that we can educate our clients; if you would like to arrange a stone cleaning quotation call today on 0800 852 7177.

Wood Floor Restoration Lancashire

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The benefits of wood floor restoration run deeper than the obvious aesthetic transformation. A well-looked after wood floor will stand the test of time against even the toughest use.

We were asked to restore this floor in Lancashire. As you can see from the first image it had become really dull over the time that it had been laid.

The areas that experienced more movement had become duller and this made the perimeter areas stand out even more.

Worn wood floor LancashireThere are a range of additional reasons as to why a floor may have this appearance. If the floor was finished with a wax it may be that specific cleaning solutions used are dulling the wax finish.

If a floor had received a shellac finish it could also be that routine mopping could result in water damage. This offers an insight into the world of wood floor restoration.

Specific product formulations have been produced for individual floor types and finishes.

Floor Restoration LancashireYou will find that if you are searching for advice on cleaning wood floors that you are immersed in detail and choices. Too much choice will leave you feeling confused about how best to proceed.

Part of our package is to offer product information that is tailored to your exact floor. We ensure to offer detail that provides value for money and leave you feeling certain that you know how best to care for your floor.

It is likely that if you search for product information that you will find someone that says it is the best product and another informing you that it is the worst and not to use it. Some products build up over time and this can make care even more difficult.

Don’t delay, call our helpful staff today to arrange a no obligation quotation. Don’t let the world of floor sanding and wood care leave you feeling daunted. Our expert advice is worth its weight in gold.

Commercial Stone Restoration Lancashire

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Stone tiles are incredibly attractive and opulent; the variations of stone floor tiles allows for individuality whilst also suiting any range of budget. It is no wonder that they are so popular as a flooring alternative for commercial premises.

Stone Restoration Advice Lancashire

Identifying the correct approach and employing an expert will offer a huge cost saving and often avoidable outlay of replacing stone flooring that may have suffered from abusive use over many years.

Today’s business society is steeped in competitive commercial environment and every opportunity needs to be employed to promote your business wisely. Call to enquire today on 0800 852 7177.

Staying Ahead of our Stone Restoration Competition

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Anyone in business is very aware of the fact that just being great at what you do is not enough. There are always new floor care companies entering the market and this is where experience holds great power.

Stone Floor Restoration LancashireThis must run alongside another strategy to constantly drive your business forward. This demands a flexible approach and an understanding of how best to promote your business.

We have found that delivering a first class service has enabled our steady and natural growth over time. We are often invited to complete quotations out of our area due to the fact that we have been so highly recommended.

Stone floor restoration forms a pivotal part of our floor care provision. Natural stone floors and man-made tiles can be deep cleaned and restored to a like-new condition. Different floor types require a tailored approach with regards cleaning, repair and stain removal.

There are products and techniques in order to tackle each and every flooring problem. It takes initiative and skill to fulfil the cleaning process to ensure the best result is achieved.

Stone Restoration LancashireIf you choose our cleaning services we will make sure that:

  • You are extremely pleased with the cleaning result we achieve
  • You feel that you have been dealt with professionally
  • You feel that your home or property has been treated with respect
  • You are left with information and knowledge of how to keep your floor looking at its best
  • You are left confident that you selected the best Company to restore your floor

Stone restoration requires skill and growing a business demands a focus on the customers that we serve. We serve the Lancashire area but are also in the position to offer our services further afield if necessary. We are well-equipped to deal with both domestic and commercial work and will always support you through the restoration process. Call today on 0800 852 7177.

Concrete Floor Benefits

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Many individuals are looking for design elements that they can bring into their home or business premises. Whether it is to create a statement, to improve durability or to simplify the routine cleaning; concrete floors seem the ideal candidate for consideration.

Concrete Floor FInishes LancashireDoes a low-maintenance, high impact flooring alternative sound good? Would it match your individual requirements and design specification?

Gone are the days where concrete flooring has the association of cold, clinical or an industrial feel. Welcome to a floor solution that may well become the next best thing for future projects.

So what benefits can a concrete floor offer?

Simple and Straightforward Cleaning

It is always recommended that, as with other floor types, that dirt particles are removed routinely. Due to the nature of concrete this is a simple process and can be combined with a weekly mopping process. The use of a ph-neutral cleaning product should be used and will ensure that the floors remain clean.

Sustainable Option

Polishing Concrete LancashireThis is an element that most will not consider. Our existing flooring is often laid on top of a concrete slab. This very slab can be sanded down, ground, polished and sealed to create a strikingly refined floor. This therefore means that there is no further consumption of materials and existing ones are used, providing real value.


Concrete floors can be stained to create a finish that is individual to its surroundings. Application techniques and colour variances mean that skilled craftsmen can create unique finishes. As with other stone types, concrete can also be finished to a high-gloss or honed surface. This logic can be applied to both internal and exterior applications.

It is undeniable that concrete floors are going to stand the test of time by their very nature. We take the time to discuss your options and the techniques that can be used to produce an exceptional finish. Call today on 0800 852 7177 to find out more about concrete floor finishes available.

What We Don’t Know About Cleaning Floors Isn’t Worth Knowing

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This is a big statement, right? Well that is how we work. It is important to believe this as when you offer first-class services you need to be completely confident that you are well-equipped with all the necessary information. This enables you to adapt the service that you provide and to offer detail to customers that provides them with true value for money.

We receive calls request that we come to the rescue of many floors where either incorrect product formulations have been used and caused damage or other companies have offered a less than satisfactory finishes.

Marble Polishing BlackpoolStone Floors:

  • Stone Cleaning
  • Stone Polishing
  • Stone Restoration

Whilst there are a huge range of different types of stone; this means that we need to be furnished with the knowledge base that allows us to tailor our cleaning techniques as well as product selection.

This is something we take great pride in.

wood floor sanding chorley lancashireWood Flooring:

Dust free floor sanding machinery offers us the opportunity to provide a superior service that produces exceptional finishes and offers minimal disruption to our clients.

Indoor air quality isn’t compromised and we are able to monitor our workmanship throughout the process.

Don’t live with damage or deteriorated wood floors any longer – call today to request a quotation to fully restore them to their like-new condition.

Commercial carpet cleaner LancsCommercial Carpet Cleaning:

Carpets in any commercial property suffer from daily wear and tear that far surpasses any other setting. This means that in order to offer a true reflection of a reputable business that routine cleaning is imperative.

Again tailored techniques are required in order to remove stains and ensure that carpets are left looking spotlessly clean.

Karndean floor after restorationVinyl Flooring:

This floor type is used throughout both home and business settings and provides a versatile and stylish appearance.

It is often less-publicised about the deep cleaning and restoration of Vinyl floors and our industrial machinery and specialised product formulations thoroughly clean these beautiful floors.

Our services are both comprehensive and cost-effective; we always work to offer value for money and have built up a reputation for this. Contact us today on 0800 852 7177.

Polished Concrete Floors Blackburn

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When a concrete floor is installed the design options are vast. What are your options? You are able to select:

  • Colour variances
  • Pattern design
  • Imbedding of objects for pattern creation

Where are you likely to find a polished concrete floor?

It is likely that you will find concrete floors in commercial premises. Why is this? This floor type is incredibly durable and very long lasting. This means that it is likely to stand up to the high foot traffic that a commercial property is likely to have.

Polishing concrete Blackburn Concrete grinding Blackburn






It also provides an alternative that is easy to maintain without deterioration or damage. Commercial cleaning companies can be informed about cleaning products, cleaning techniques and other valuable detail that will make sure your concrete floor remains looking at its best for as long as possible.

This process will also mean that your floors are left hygienically clean which provides a benefit for both your customers and employees alike. It also works to provide a positive outlook and appearance for your business.

Heavy-duty machinery is required to complete the process working from coarser grade pads to finer. It is important that the process is tailored, depending in the individual intricacies of the job.

Polished concrete Blackburn Grinding concrete Blackburn






Polishing concrete really does demand a high skill level. Both damage to the floor and the machinery can occur if you are not equipped with the necessary detail and understanding.

But as the old saying goes ‘a picture tells a thousand words’ and these images show the incredible process of concrete polishing.

If you would like to enquire about our stone restoration services please call today on 0800 852 7177. We will arrange a floor survey at a time convenient for you and will do all we can to ensure the smooth running of the process.

Lacquered Oak Floor Lancashire

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Wood floor lacquers provide a hard wearing and very durable wood finish. Floor lacquers offer a protective coating and are available in different finishes including gloss, matt or satin.

We were asked to fully restore this oak floor in Lancashire. Our clients could envision the potential in their wood flooring. When we arrived the floors were in a deteriorated state and looked in bad condition. The finish was uneven and blotchy.

Wood Finishes Lancashire Wood Floor Restoration Lancashire






The existing finish was stripped back. Even at this stage, the beautiful wood grain shone through and the potential for exceptionally striking floors was visible. Once fully sanded the floors were finished with a wood lacquer. We discussed, in detail, future maintenance advice for these floors.

We outlined that particles, especially abrasive ones would likely damage the finish on the wood floors. This may, in some cases, seem difficult to avoid but our top tip is to ensure that mats are placed at every external entrance. It is important to invest in a high quality mat so that particles are removed from footwear on entering the property.

Floor Sanders LancashireFloor Sanding Lancashire






What other cleaning advice do we offer our clients?

Daily Maintenance: this consists of cleaning the floors with a vacuum or soft-bristled brush. This process works to remove abrasive particles that even the most careful home owner can’t help from entering your home.

Routine Cleaning: if a dirt patch is identified it may be that damp cleaning is the best-suited method. It is important that not too much liquid is applied to a wooden floor as if this is left to stand for any amount of time, it is likely to cause damage. Cleaning solutions are available that will support this, ensuring that your wood finish is not damaged or worn away by the cleaning process.

Sanding Oak Floors Lancashire Oak flooring Lancashire






We are exceptionally proud to showcase the work that we complete and if you would like to enquire about our competitively priced floor sanding service please call today on 0800 852 7177.

Stone Cleaning – The Truths about This Restoration Service

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The range of stone and tiled floors available means that there is an opportunity to create a unique and bespoke floor. Technologies and services have come on leaps and bounds, which has meant that stone flooring is now more readily available to suite a wide range of budgets.

This fact, coupled with the intrinsic popularity of this floor alternative has meant that stone floors have propelled to the forefront as a floor choice. This, in turn, has created a niche market.

Stone cleaners Lancashire

If you would like to enquire about our Stone Cleaning and Restoration services please call today, FREE on 0800 852 7177.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Advice Lancashire

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It is an accepted statement to say that we all way our commercial premises to be well-presented and look at their best as much of the time as possible.

Commercial Carpet Cleaner LancashireFor carpets this is an ongoing struggle as any commercial property provides a naturally challenging environment for the creation of a dirty carpet. As we have stated before; it is very off putting to any potential client or employee if the environment that they are in is unclean.

We have collected some stain cleaning advice; this can be applied to both domestic and commercial properties and will leave you confident that you are equipped with the knowledge to keep your carpets clean once they have been professionally deep cleaned.

The carpet stains that may be identified in a business premises are so wide ranging that it would be impossible to list them, although some of the following are regular culprits:

  • Tea and coffee
  • Soft drinks
  • Food stains
  • Rust
  • Ink

The most basic advice is that if anything is spilled or you identify a stain that you take prompt action in order to prevent possible staining.

Our Stain Removal Top Tips:

  1. Do not use a coloured cloth as this will likely leave colour on your carpet
  2. Do not rub the stain
  3. Make sure to use the correct solution that will give you the best opportunity of fully removing the stain
  4. Test the solution on a hidden part of your carpet prior to application as this will highlight any incompatibility
  5. Work from the outside of the stain and work inwards
  6. If there is any excess matter, make sure to scrape this up with a blunt knife
  7. Ensure to fully rinse the area cleaned so that residue is not left on your carpet
  8. Always blot the area to remove excess moisture

Are you looking for a specialist commercial carpet cleaner? Please call today on 0800 852 7177 to arrange a quotation.

Restoring Parquet Flooring Bury

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Parquet floors have seen a resurgence over recent years. This has provided us with a brilliant opportunity of seeing this exquisite wooden floor in many different domestic settings.

Whilst any restored wooden floor looks spectacular, Parquet flooring provides a real statement. It may be that you are familiar with the history of your floor or it may be that you have just revealed it during a building project.

Parquet Flooring BuryEither way, once discovered it is often the case that wood restoration is looked into in order to get the best from the floor.

The images show a Parquet floor in Bury that we restored. When we visited to complete the floor survey our customer believed that the flooring was beyond redemption, but wanted us to confirm whether it would be possible.

They had decided that if restoration was not possible or that the end result was questionable because of the deteriorated state of the boards, that they would have the entire floor lifted and replaced with another type.

We discussed the process of floor restoration in detail; we outlined that each of the loose blocks would be refitted. The entire floor would then be fully sanded, all gaps filled and then finished.

Wood Pattern LancashireThe wood finish selected was a hard-wearing floor lacquer. Our client commented on how pleased they were with the finished product.

“From the moment I met Ian from 1st Stop Floorcare I knew we were in the hands of an expert! His knowledge and enthusiasm for restoring our floor was exceptional. He gave a detailed description of how he would be able to renovate our floor and advise on the best techniques to meet our requirements. I’d thoroughly recommend Ian and his co-worker Dave for any flooring restoration job. Professional, tidy, competitively priced”

James Egersdorff

If you would like to arrange a quotation for the New Year please call today on 0800 852 7177.

Four Secrets of Cleaning Grout

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Grout, laid in between the tiles is a porous material. It poses frequent challenges to routine cleaning and can often be the initiating factors of a client seeking our support.

Put simply, during routine cleaning of stone tiles, dirt can be pushed into the recessed grout lines. This dirt can sit in the lines and become ingrained.

Mould and mildew can also cause discolouration of grout lines. Even the best-available shop-purchased cleaning products will provide unsatisfactory results. The following information will leave you well-informed about our services for cleaning grout.

Cleaning Grout Lancashire

We will leave you with information and advice on product formulations and techniques that will leave your tile and grout looking cleaner for longer. Please call today on 0800 852 7177.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Floor Restorers?

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Whilst there are clear routes in order to offer the services of floor cleaning and restoration; there is so much more that is needed to succeed in this trade.

  • It is important to train comprehensively to learn the individual requirements for different floor types as no two floors will provide the identical challenges.
  • You will then be required to invest in the range of products and machinery that is needed to complete the work. This is often when individuals start to get an insight into the immense world of complex product formulations and different tools.
  • You will then need to promote your services in different ways in order to achieve a steady flow of work.

Does this sound easy?

Floor Restorers LancashireWhilst the process is clear cut; the practice to this concept is anything but simple. We have been in discussion with many of our clients who have stated that it has been refreshing to deal with professionals that they feel confident ‘know their stuff’.

This is what sets us apart from our competition. We will quote for a job, we will complete the work and we will offer ongoing customer care. Too many times we have been told about companies who are unable to meet the challenges of restoring different floor types and have essentially stated that there is no more that they can do.

This is not good enough.

We go the extra mile to apply our time-served experience and knowledge of the products, techniques and machinery to achieve a result that cannot be beaten by our competition.

It is vital that we are able to provide a clean floor that meets and exceeds your expectations. If you would like to arrange a quotation at a time convenient for you call today on 0800 852 7177.

Hardwood Flooring Leyland

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Hardwood Flooring LancashireWe were selected to restore this beautiful aged hardwood flooring in Leyland. From the before and after images it is difficult to believe that it is the same floor.

Whilst hardwood floors may be a larger outlay initially, there are many reasons as to why a hardwood floor variation is a better alternative than other softwood options.

What are the benefits of hardwood flooring?

  • A hardwood floor is easy to clean and has a straightforward process for routine maintenance. The trick to this is the knowledge of the best product formulations to use and the best techniques that will allow your floor to look better for longer.
  • It is well-accepted that hardwood offers an elegant and high-quality appearance. This sophisticated finish is accompanied by the fact that it offers warmth and timeless appeal. This floor type is steeped in history and will be used for many years to come.
  • Hardwood is intrinsically strong and can last for generations. This durability means that it is a brilliant flooring choice for workspaces, commercial premises and busy homes. It can also work to promote a healthier indoor air quality as well.
  • Hardwood Flooring LeylandSelecting a hardwood floor allows you the opportunity to add value to your property which means that the outlay can be considered as a long-term investment. It is also considered that having hardwood flooring in your home will work to assist the resale process as it is so sought after.
  • As well as many different species that are available; when laying a hardwood floor you are able to carefully select colours, styles and finishes. As with other wood types boards are available as pre-finished and unfinished. This means that unique and diverse needs can easily be met by this wood type.

If you would like to enquire about your options for sanding hardwood floors please call today on 0800 852 7177.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Preston

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It is a well-accepted understanding that professional carpet cleaning can deep clean carpets that most would assume are ruined or need replacing. The process and replacement can cause a lot of disruption as well as the fact that it is a costly exercise.

We were asked to steam clean the carpets in the Ramada Hotel after their guests had a food fight the night before. We were able to offer a prompt and professional service and ensured minimal disruption to the other hotel guests.

Commercial Carpet Cleaners PrestonOnce the carpets were deep cleaned there was no indication of the previous night’s antics. The area was restored to looking pristine and offered the guests the right professional impression. They were left with the confidence that the carpets not only looked great but were hygienically clean.

Why should you clean your carpets? Carpets act as a filter to unhealthy contaminants such as dirt, bacteria, mould spores, food particles, dust mites and many more.

Any carpet can become saturated and therefore these can cause health issues, particularly for allergy sufferers. Regular cleaning keeps on top of this and allows you confidence that your indoor air quality is at an acceptable level.

How often should carpets be cleaned? The answer to this question depends on a few factors such as foot fall, use, location and whether shoes are worn on the carpet. All carpets should be professional cleaned once a year but some may need doing every six months and others every eighteen months. The best advice that we can offer is to arrange a no obligation quotation where we will offer advice on the most appropriate action.

We approach commercial carpet cleaning with the respect it requires. The wealth of knowledge and experience that we have means that we are well-equipped to deal with all types of carpet stains and carpet types.

Please call to arrange a quotation today: 0800 852 7177.

Softwood Sanding Aughton

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The following images show the progress through a pine floor restoration project that we completed in Aughton. The floor was successfully transformed and almost unrecognisable once we’d finished.

Pine flooring is a softwood variety of wood. Although this is the case, it is still well-suited to high traffic areas of the home and will, if looked after correctly, last a lifetime. Some say that pine is a less expensive alternative, however, it still boasts huge versatility.

Wood Repairs Aughton Wood Restoration Aughton






Pine floors are popular and can be found in a variety of settings. This wood floor was in a particularly deteriorated state. Through discussion with our client it was decided that the floor would be fully sanded, repaired, stained and lacquered.

Once again we used our dust-free floor sanding machinery; beside the fact that it produces a superior finish, it also allows us to monitor our work whilst we are completing the sanding process. Long gone is the airborne dust that used to inhibit our work.

Floor Sanding Aughton Pine Aughton






We then carried out the necessary wood repairs that would improve the look of the overall result once the floor had been finished. This means that the restored wooden flooring looks as seamless as possible.

Wood Finishes Information:

We often discuss wood finishes as they are pivotal to the overall success of the job and offers lasting protection. A wood finish works to –

  • Enhance the natural beauty of wood through colour, grain and depth
  • Protects the wood boards from dirt, scratches and general wear
  • Preserves wood from external sources such as water, spillages and the sun rays
  • Changes the appearance of your wood floor by adding colour and hiding defects

Wood FInishes Aughton Pine Flooring Aughton






Our clients were exceptionally pleased with the results. If you would like to enquire about our wood restoration services please call today on 0800 852 7177.

Why Choose 1 Stop Floor Care?

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It is important as a business to evolve with the ever-changing requirements of your clients. Our valued customers are at the centre of the decisions that we make and form the catalyst that drives our growth.

Tile Cleaning LancashireWe offer all floor care provisions:

If you have ever been faced with the situation where you have to employ multiple tradesmen for your floor cleaning; look no further. We offer a turn-key solution for all of your floor cleaning, floor care and floor maintenance needs.

We adapt our services for our domestic and commercial floor cleaning sectors and ensure that we are the best at what we do.

Floor Cleaning LancashireProfessional approach without exception:

The way that we look at the way in which we conduct ourselves is of utmost importance. We will always ensure to answer your enquiry promptly and will arrange quotations and start dates when convenient for you.

We are punctual, professional and approachable.

We use the best-available floor cleaning equipment:

Stone Polishing LancashireWe have heavily invested in state-of-the-art machinery to achieve the best possible finish for each and every job that we complete. This is combined with the fact that we only use the finest floor cleaning products. We will always go the extra mile to offer advice on how best to upkeep your restored floor.

Skilled craftsmanship:

This stems from our intensive training approach. We are fastidious about pursuing continuous improvement with regards to any new products or techniques that become available.

We have a well-established online presence:

Floor Care LancashireThis offers confirmation of our commitment to promote our floor care services.

It offers assurance to our clients that they are dealing with a professional Company who ensure that contact details are readily available for the ease of our prospective clients.

Our approach works to ensure that once you have requested our cleaning services that we will gain your trust and future custom. This is achieved through the provision of exceptional finishes.

If you would like to arrange a no obligation quotation please call today on 0800 852 7177.

Beech Wood Floor Chadderton

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We were invited to restore this Beech floor in Chadderton and were shocked to reveal the story of how the floors had deteriorated to the state that they were in.

Missing Wood Grain Chadderton Missing Wood Grain LancashireOn discussion with our client it was identified that two years prior they had received advice of their painter and decorator that Yacht Varnish would be the best floor product for them. As a result, two years on the wood floor had turned orange and you could no longer see the wood grain.

We were asked to provide our in-depth floor sanding services throughout the downstairs of the property where wooden floors were fitted.

As usual the wood boards were fully stripped back and then coated with a high quality wood lacquer. The results speak for themselves and the clients could not believe how the finish and visibility of the beautiful wood grain could offer such an outstanding floor.

Hardwood LancashireRestored Hardwood Chadderton The moral of the story is; use a professional floor restoration specialist and keep the application of Yacht Varnish for your boats!

This again is another example where product choice can play a pivotal role in the result of the restoration process. If an incompatible product is selected it can either cause damage or it can result in an unsightly finish.

Beech Floor Facts:

Beech flooring is a versatile wood; it is light in appearance and works well with a large range of stains and finishes.

Beech is a very strong type of hardwood; this strength means that it offers incredible durability and a beech floor will be a long term investment when treated and cared for correctly.

Beech wood in general does not require a great deal of routine maintenance. Vacuuming or dry mopping the floor on a regular basis will keep it dirt-free.

Beech Chadderton Beech Lancashire






Our TOP TIP for wood flooring is that any dirt or particles should be removed on a daily basis because any possible damage will likely occur from dirt or other abrasive particles, if left present.

Contact our friendly staff on 0800 852 7177 for more information.

Restoration of Pine Scaffold Boards Chorley

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These images showcase the process where these pine scaffold boards were transformed from their originally laid condition to now.

The scaffold boards had been laid as floor boards to create a unique statement wood floor that would create an intriguing floor covering for this new business premises.

‘Cakes By Ruth’ had relocated its position to this new shop in Chorley. The wood floor restoration process was intensive but incredibly rewarding to see the transformation throughout the sanding process.

Wood Restoration Lancashire Wood Restoration Services Chorley Wood Restoration LancashireThe once very dirt wood boards started to be stripped back, revealing a beautiful natural wood grain with character.

Using scaffold boards as flooring creates a rustic appearance and they are a cost-effective product that, once restored, are long-lasting and will cope with the footfall in a commercial premises.

It is important when sanding such wood that an even surface is achieved. This is vital in order to avoid unevenness that will act as a trap for dirt and possibly provide trip hazards. This is where our expertise pays dividends in providing a result that cannot be rivalled.

Wood Restoration Chorley Scaffold Boards Lancashire Scaffold Boards ChorleyWe take great pride in the fact that we do not have to adopt pressured sales tactics. We are a family-run business, based around raising the standards within our industry through our open, honest and hard-working approach.

We have been in business for a long time and have built a reputation around the using the highest ethical business practices and offering exceptional finishes.

This wooden floor was fully sanded using our dustless sanding machinery and then lacquered to provide a durable and hard-wearing wood finish. Wood lacquer intensifies grain and colour of wood and produces a finish that is difficult to scratch.

If you would like to enquire about the wood restoration services we provide please call us today on 0800 852 7177.

Victorian Floor Tiles Ormskirk

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These tiles portray an example of a Victorian Tiled floor; this era was incredible for its elegant design and style. Geometric shapes create a unique tiled floor that creates a beautiful statement for any home.

This stone cleaning job took place in Ormskirk and we deep cleaned and restored the geometric Victorian tiles and mosaic tiled floor. It is an excellent example of the eclectic design that has remained popular through the years.

Victorian Floor Tiles Lancashire Victorian Floor Tiles Ormskirk







It is typical for such tiles to be installed in entrance and hallways; homeowners wanted to showcase such a feature to visitors. It is easy to say that these decorative tiles really do look prestigious.

Tiled floors such as these are remarkably practical. An original Victorian floor will have likely have been laid over 100 years ago and if looked after carefully can last a lifetime more.

It is more than likely that your Victorian floor tiles will be unglazed; the traditional method of cleaning employed the use of wax or oil to help with resistance against water spillages. It was unknown that such cleaning processes could be working to trap dirt, to increase discolouration and to make the tiles slightly slippery in some conditions.

Decorative Tiles Lancashire Decorative Tiles Ormskirk







This almost archaic method meant that often a lot of dirt was therefore absorbed deep into the individual tiles. This forms part of the reason as to why restoring tiled floors such as these is so rewarding; intensive cleaning, careful restoration and sealing worked to provide an incredible transformation. The before and after images showcase just how impressive these results can be.

Our advice to this client was that routine cleaning should involve as little liquid as possible to avoid damage and loosening of the individual tiles. We also provided them with detailed information as to the best products to use to get the most out of their stone flooring.

Please enquire by calling 0800 852 7177 today.

3 Myths about Cleaning Flagstone Flooring

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Myth 1: Vinegar is a great product to disinfect stone surfaces

Natural stone tiles and surfaces will inevitably react when vinegar is applied to its surface. The end result will be an etch mark that has been created by the acidic nature of vinegar.

The best way that we can describe this is that it will appear as though the finish of the stone tile has been removed. The mark will be dull in appearance and cannot be simply cleaned off. To fully remove etching marks you will be required to re-polish the stone surface.

TIP: Use neutral stone cleaning solutions and seek advice on which product formulations are best for your particular stone type.

Myth 2: Stone Sealers make a stone surface waterproof

Products to seal stone can be separated into two categories; impregnators and sealers. Both work to offer a resistance against liquid spillages, oils, grease etc. Stone sealer provides protection to a point that allows us to time to mop or clean any spill.

This stops the liquid from penetrating deep into the stone and creating a stain. Essentially stone sealers offer increased protection but they do not make the surface waterproof.

TIP: Have your stone sealed yearly to offer the best possible protection.

Myth 3: Shop purchased stone cleaning products restore tiles just as well as a Professional service

Many people try to maintain their stone floors through routine cleaning and shop-purchased products. Over time they may start to feel as though the cleaning results are unsatisfactory. For the best-possible stone restoration results professional products, machinery and experience is required. This provides a fast and efficient service that is far superior to any finish achieved without this assistance.

TIP: Request the support of 1 Stop Floor Care to clean and restore your natural stone flooring or man-made tile.

Flagstone Cleaning SouthportFlagstone Flooring Southport







This flagstone flooring was uncovered in Southport, Lancashire and we completed a full deep clean and restoration which brought back the natural and striking appearance of this beautiful stone.

If you would like to request more information about cleaning flagstone tile please enquire by calling on 0800 852 7177.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Lancashire

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We provide a comprehensive range of commercial carpet cleaning services that are tailored to match our clients exacting requirements. These include deep cleaning of carpets, carpet protection, carpet stain removal and a full maintenance programme for ongoing care.

We offer an individual approach which is dictated by the nature of any carpet stains and the type of carpet. Dirt, dust, pollutants, allergens, soil and food particles and bacteria are just some of the contaminants that make their way into any business carpets.

The carpet fibres act like a filter for these, however, the ability to do this is reduced over time as it effectively becomes saturated. It is a well understood fact that having these contaminants present that it can contribute to allergy and health problems for your employees.

Commercial Carpet Cleaner PrestonCarpet Stain Removal Preston







We were invited to deep clean these business carpets in Preston, Lancashire. We use eco-friendly carpet cleaning products and use state-of-the-art industrial machinery that offers fast and effective cleaning services.

Once all stains had been removed and the carpets had been deep cleaned, we completed our comprehensive carpet protection provision. This provides an invisible defence around the carpet fibres and works to repel water and oil-based solutions. Incredibly it also works to protect against abrasion, matting and wear and tear.

Clean carpets PrestonCommercial carpet cleaning PrestonPart of our carpet cleaning process offers a professional approach to be flexible around existing business commitments. Our aim is to minimise any disruption caused; we offer a guaranteed superior service that is fast, efficient and cost-effective.

This client went onto sign up for our ongoing maintenance programme that offers regular cleaning to make sure that business carpets remain looking at their best for longer. Impressions of a business are vital and this Company wanted to make sure that the clean appearance matched their exacting standards for their work.

If you would like to find out more about 1 Stop Floor Care, expert commercial carpet cleaners for Lancashire and surrounding areas, we invite you to call on 0800 852 7177.

Wood Finishes Lancashire

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Wood Products PrestonWooden flooring is timeless in its appearance and has impressive functional and practical advantages over other flooring types. An important element of ensuring that these are possible is the careful selection of any particular wood finish.

Through our experience we have built up incredible knowledge about wood products and wood finishes. There are a number of factors that need to be accounted for and this will form part of the decision process when offering our clients valued advice.

Wood Stain PrestonThese may take into account usage, wood type, heat, moisture and possible direct sunlight. These factors will direct us in the identification of an oil, wax, lacquer or varnish product and we will ensure to select a wood product that compliments the existing décor.

The application of a wood finish is essential to protect the surface of any wood floor. Faster deterioration of any floor is inevitable without a finish. The product will work to prevent cracking and swelling and a wood stain will enhance the look of the wood boards.

Wood Finish LancashireFinishes can be broken down into two main groups including penetrating finishes and surface finishes. Penetrating options tend to be the oil variants that offer a more natural finish whereas the surface options include varnish and tend to offer a more durable and hard-wearing wood coating.

We are also in the position to offer bespoke wood finishes to achieve a truly unique statement for any area of your home or business. Our skilled technicians take time to discuss your individual requirements to effectively select the best option to achieve that look.

Bespoke Wood FInishes LancashireWe have worked hard to earn a well-respected reputation for the floor sanding and wood floor restoration work that we complete throughout Lancashire.

If you would like to find out more about wood finish products we invite you to call us on 0800 852 7177.

We will endeavour to help and will work to support the process between enquiry and completion of the work and beyond.

Stone Sealer Information Lancashire

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Through our extensive experience we have learned the importance of using the best available products to compliment our stone restoration services. To make sure our clients are getting the best from their stone floor we feel it important to discuss the requirement of stone sealers.

Natural stone floors are porous in their very make up and therefore, from the point that they are laid requires protecting by a penetrating impregnator. It is important not to get blinded by science but essentially there are two types of protection for stone tiles. Therese are sealers and impregnators.

Stone Sealer PrestonWhilst stone impregnators work to protect the inside structure a stone sealer will shield the surface of the stone tile. An impregnator is known not to alter the colour or texture of the stone, however, a sealer may create a slightly darker tone and will offer a slight shine to the tile.

Both work to safeguard the stone tiles but it is important to remember that if liquid is left on the floor for any prolonged time that it will inevitably infiltrate the sealer and will stain it as a result. The products allow time to dab up the spillage.

Floor protection products need to be periodically reapplied. This will improve the longevity of your stone floor and will offer resistance against mould and mildew in grout lines. If you are unsure of whether your floor requires a reapplication it is best to seek professional advice.

We offer stone sealing services and would invite you to call our friendly staff on 0800 852 7177 to arrange a survey. We work conscientiously to ensure each of our clients receive the best possible standards in customer care.

No two jobs are ever the same and we are passionate about the intricacies of stone floor restoration. Sealing tiles is incredibly important and will not only offer protection but it will improve the overall appearance of your floor tiles and will allow you to enjoy the true beauty of your natural stone floor for longer.

Wood Floor Facts

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Floor Sanding GisburnIt is undeniable that wood floors are one of the most timeless floor covering alternatives. There is ever-adaptive information that shows the increasing popularity of wooden flooring.

It is a clear selling point that any wood floor can be fully sanded and restored after experiencing wear through daily use. If your home or business is fitted with a wood floor there are a number of factors that can influence the appearance and lifespan.

Wood Floor Repairs LancashirePoint one: it is an inevitable fact that any wood floor, whether in a domestic or commercial setting, will experience wear and tear. The result of this will be scuffs, scrapes, dull spots and cracking. The exciting factor is that this is not something that you have to live with. We are well-equipped to offer fully and exhaustive wood floor repairs as part of our floor sanding services.

Point two: considers the requirement of tailored product formulations. Once a floor has been sanded, a finish needs to be applied. The success of any restoration job is strongly reliant on the use of best-available product selections. Our time-served experience has meant that we have a carefully selected product range that unequivocally offers the best-available finish.

Point three: is the requirement for trade machinery. There is no end of DIY floor sanding machinery available and the inevitable outcome is an unsatisfactory result. Industrial machinery combined with knowledge and experience of the individual intricacies of different wood floors ensures our success.

Wood Finish GisburnSanding wood floors Lancashire





Point four: covers the fact that professional floor sanding services are cost-effective. It is often misunderstood that the cost of sanding wood floors is prohibitive. We feel confident that once you have experienced our services that you will become a customer for life; not only will you have a fully restored, striking floor but we ensure to leave our clients with all relevant detail to support routine cleaning.

We are fiercely passionate about our approach to wood floor restoration. This stems from our drive and determination to raise industry standards and to offer first-class customer service. Please enquire by calling 01257 270775.

Victorian Tiles Blackburn

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Victorian Tiles LancashireIf you are looking for a floor tile design that is quintessentially British, look no further than Victorian floor tiles. These floor tiles can be found in both Victorian and Edwardian properties and often form part of a larger restoration project.

Victorian tiled floors create an embellishment of any home and can often be found in entrance ways such as that of the property that we visited to offer our stone cleaning services for. Clients that have Victorian tiles often feel very passionate about them.

This was certainly the case with these beautiful tiles in Blackburn. The home owners loved the statement that the tiles provided to their home. They had noticed over time that the finish on the tiles had started to deteriorate.

Floor Tiles BlackburnThey wanted to be well-informed with regards to the stone restoration process as well as how best to maintain the tiles after they were carefully restored. A finish and stone seal are incredibly important to making sure that a high traffic area like this offers a resistance against daily exposure to water. It also works to boost the look of the stone floor.

The tiles were left deep cleaned, restored and sealed. There are so many stone products available and on discussion with our clients, it is often the case that they find this a minefield. Stone-specific product formulations are important and as part of our customer care programme we will leave you with detail of the best available products to maintain your clean tiles.

Damage to natural stone surfaces often stems from sand, dirt and grit walked in on the soles of shoes. The likelihood of these abrasive materials entering your property can be reduced by placing doormats at entrances.

If you would like to find more about our services for floor tiles please call our well-informed staff on 01257 270775.

Flagstone Flooring Ormskirk

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Are you looking for a versatile natural stone floor? Some may say to look no further than flagstone flooring; it is available in a range of textures, tile shapes and sizes. As an anti-slip tile, flagstone can be used within many areas of a home and businesses alike.

It is important to consider the expected foot traffic of the area, usage, varying temperatures and other factors when considering which floor tile is the best variant for you. The below flagstone tiles were a real feature of this pub in Ormskirk.

Floor Tile OrmskirkIf you were to imagine an area that would experience a likely combination of high usage, liquid spills, ingrained dirt and other deteriorating factors. A pub floor would likely rank highly on your list. This was certainly the case when we inspected this flagstone floor to complete a detailed quotation.

Although dirty tiles are often unsightly; there is another element to our job that becomes very satisfying. We are confident of the restoration results that can be achieved so stone cleaning is an incredibly rewarding process.

Flagstone Flooring LancashireThe tiles were carefully restored, taking into account the individual requirements of such a stunning stone tile. The restoration reinstated the beautiful stone floor and avoided, what some people contemplate, the costly expense of replacement.

Our client was provided with advice on routine maintenance that they then passed onto their cleaners. This elongates the times required between restorations and keeps the tiles looking at their best.

This formed part of a larger package that we offered this establishment. They also wanted to take advantage of our state-of-the-art floor sanding and commercial carpet cleaning services. This allowed them the opportunity to deal with one company and we worked closely with them to make sure that the work was scheduled at a convenient time.

If you would like to discuss any floor care requirements that you have for your home or business we invite you to call on 01257 270775 for more information. Our friendly staff are happy to support any enquiry and will guide you through the process of dealing with 1 Stop Floor Care.

Stone Cleaning Preston

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It is important for us that from your initial contact with 1 Stop Floor Care that you are instantly reassured that you are dealing with a trustworthy, professional and courteous company who care deeply about the service that we offer.

Flagstone Cleaning Preston Flagstone Flooring PrestonUltimately we want to leave you feeling confident that you have employed a specialist that can offer a superior service to other competition based on our drive to be the best at what we do. How do we do this?

Our technicians are trained to national recognized standards and this is backed by our well-earned, established reputation. This is coupled with tried and tested techniques that have always looked to raise the standards of our industry. We treat the homes and businesses that we work in with the utmost respect.

When we were approached to clean and restore these beautiful flagstone tiles in Preston, it was a great opportunity to bring back to life tiles that had lost their lustre over time. Flagstone flooring offers a rustic appearance and provide character to any space where they were fitted.

Our in-depth flagstone cleaning process brought out the natural colouration of these tiles and they were finished with an industrial strength, eco-friendly stone sealer. This process allows the beauty of natural stone flooring to shine through with the confidence for the home owner that they are protected and sealed against wear and damage.

We leave each and every client with information of routine cleaning and form a maintenance programme that will make sure the tiles remain looking at their best, for longer. If you would like to request a quote we invite you to call 1 Stop Floor Care on 01257 270775, use our contact page or fill in our request for a free survey.

Indian Sandstone Restoration Leyland

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Sandstone is a classic sedimentary rock that is really distinct and unique. It is a natural stone so no two tiles are exactly the same. This provides an opportunity for distinctive design when the stone floor is being laid and it will undoubtedly offer a really timeless-looking finish.

The great thing about sandstone tiles is that they can be restored and re-polished if, over time, the floor is ingrained with dirt or has become stained. It is inevitable that natural stone tiles are more prone to staining and have limited chemical resistance, which is why it is pivotal to the overall success of the restoration project that specialist knowledge of this tile type is used.

Clean Floor Leyland Clean Floor Lancashire






The initial images of this Indian sandstone floor in Leyland show how the tiles and grout had become grubby. The tiled floor had lost its lustre and the detailed and intricate patterning was no longer visible through this build-up. The above picture also shows a test area that we completed prior to the full restoration of this floor and the difference it made!

Tiled Floor Leyland Tiled Floor Lancashire






Our specialist floor restoration process quickly and efficiently lifted this dirt and grime. Stone-specific product formulations, coupled with our industrial machinery meant that the tiles were thoroughly cleaned, skilfully and carefully, providing a hygienically clean floor.

Indian Sandstone LancashireIndian Sandstone LeylandNatural stone requires sealing to offer resistance against dirt and further staining. This is the best way to prevent stains as natural stone is porous and quick to absorb any liquid spillages. A top-quality stone sealant repels spills on the surface, providing time for it to be wiped away. The liquid then has less opportunity to penetrate through the stone.

We offered our client information about routine cleaning of her restored stone flooring and she was really impressed at the results that we achieved. She commented on the detail of the stone tiles that was now revealed as she could not remember the last time her floor looked this good.

If you would like to find out more about the services we offer to clean and restore sandstone floor tiles we invite you to call on 01257 270775. We are happy to provide information and advice.

Floor Sanding St. Annes

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We are in an incredibly fortunate position that has lead us to be market leaders in our field of floor care and floor cleaning. We were invited to complete our tailored floor sanding process on this wooden floor in the Royal Mail Delivery Office in St. Annes.

Wood Finishes St Annes Wood Floors St Annes







To successfully and consistently win commercial floor restoration work we have to make sure that we are offering competitive services in terms of finishes and customer care. What is our winning formula?

Customer Service; this is intrinsic to every aspect of our business. It is inherent in all of our training and this makes sure that our ethos of exceeding expectations becomes a natural element of the services that we offer to all of our domestic and commercial clients.

Company Culture; the services that we offer start with the skilled craftsmen that we employ. We take pride in our work and set high standards for floor cleaning and restoration work. We are constantly looking to lead the field and our workforce drive this forward with enthusiasm.

Training; the field of floor care is constantly changing and it is therefore imperative that we embrace this continuous change. Continuous learning is an investment both in our workers and our clients as it enables us to offer the best available services consistently.

Floor Sander St Annes Floor Sanding St Annes







On inspection of the wooden flooring in the delivery office; we were faced with an incredibly worn and scratched finish. Through discussions it was identified that the dark finish was no longer wanted so we discussed the wood finishes available; a more natural finish was selected and the images show the transformation that was achieved.

If you would like more information on our comprehensive wood floor sanding services we invite you to call on 01257 270775.

Slate Flagstone Cleaning Ambleside

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An exciting element of our work is the opportunity for us to employ our time-served experience in stone cleaning and restoration. It is likely that if you have the chance to speak to our skilled craftsmen that you will automatically identify their clear passion for what we do and for providing the best level of service. It means so much that we receive such great positive customer feedback and this was evident on completion of these slate flagstones in Ambleside.

Slate Tiles Ambleside Slate Cleaning Ambleside







Slate flagstones offer an incredibly natural and rustic look to any property. The tiled floors in this home required a deep clean, however, the owner of the property was particularly worried about a large stain. Stain removal on natural stone flooring does require in-depth knowledge and understanding of the individual stone type.

Slate Flooring Ambleside Slate Floor Ambleside







Slate tiles are, through their composition, made up of a number of layers. This has meant that over time slate flooring has been known for peeling or flaking of these delicate layers. Our specialised stone restoration process carefully considers this, whilst achieving unrivalled levels of deep cleaning.

Slate Flagstones Ambleside Restored Slate AmblesideThe above images show the area of the stain and how it had naturally soaked into the pores of this beautiful slate flagstone floor. Our trade-strength cleaning formulations allowed us to cut through the stain whilst making sure that there was no damage caused to the stone flooring.

The images show the end result and the stain has clearly been eliminated with no damage to the tile or grout around the original stain. When visiting the owner of this property for our initial inspection; they were fearful that their beautiful stone floor may need replacing. They were truly shocked with the results that we were able to provide.

We continued through the house to offer a full cleaning and restoration service for their tiles. If you have any questions about cleaning stone tiles or stain removal we invite you to call us on 01257 270775.

Stone Polishing Warrington

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Marble is a metamorphic rock and is by far one of the most recognisable and most popular natural stone. It is striking in its appearance and, once fitted, will look incredible, be durable and will last a lifetime if maintained correctly.

Stone polishing WarringtonStone polishing Lancashire






We were invited to provide our comprehensive stone restoration process for these marble tiles in Warrington. The owners of the house were completely renovating the entire property and wanted us to fully clean and polish their marble flooring after the grouting application had left the tiles covered in grout residue.

The stone floor was completely cleaned and then we completed diamond resurfacing to the entire tiled floor. This process is completed by using a graduated range of abrasive pads, slowly grinding down the surface of the tile. This stone polishing process can be used to remove scratches, scuffs and some staining.

Marble polishing WarringtonMarble polishing Lancashire






Finer and finer grades of abrasive pads were then used to hone the surface to create an incredibly smooth finish. This process repeated delivers a high-gloss shine as showcased in the images. Our clients had specifically requested that they wanted a reflective finish. We discussed the likely additional maintenance that is required for high-shine stone finishes so that they were left well-equipped.

Again, the marble tiles were then fully sealed to protect them further from daily wear and tear. Our clients commented that they did not think the glossy shine we achieved would be possible. They felt that it enhanced the natural beauty of their marble and commented that it set a high standard to which the remaining restoration work had to compliment.

How to polish marble WarringtonHow to polish marble Lancashire






This was another job that confidently showcased the incredible results that can be achieved by cleaning marble. If you have any questions on how to polish marble or our polishing marble services we invite you to call 1 Stop Floor Care on 01257 270775.

Cleaning Marble Tiles Liverpool

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Marble Polishing LiverpoolA great element of our business is being invited into clients’ homes and businesses where people are looking to carefully and skilfully restore their stone flooring.

There is such an incredible range of issues that can be experienced including marks, etching, scratches, scrapes, holes and general wear and tear to mention a few.

Marble Restoration LiverpoolOur specialist stone restoration service provides a comprehensive provision that seeks to fully restore stone floor tiles, eliminating all of these. You will find that we take the time to discuss the process with you so that you are left feeling well-informed.

We were invited to clean and restore these marble tiles in Liverpool. This property was incredible example of traditional and classic use of natural stone flooring. The marble tiles swept elegantly through the hallway and up the stairs.

Marble Cleaning LiverpoolOur client had become frustrated with the dull appearance of her marble flooring. As the marble within her home was a real statement, she felt as though she wanted it to look its best.

Marble is an incredibly durable stone tile and it will stand up well against the daily wear and tear in high traffic areas of your home.

Marble Tiles LiverpoolWe fully cleaned and polished this marble flooring throughout. Our client wanted a high shine finish to her floor and this was achieved through grinding the marble and polishing it with varying grit sandpaper with our industrial-strength stone polishing machinery.

Our client was really impressed with the results that we achieved; she commented that she would be happy to pass on our details to friends and family because she felt as though she had received an overall level of service that exceeded her expectations.

If you have any questions about restoring your marble floor tiles or our general floor care services we invite you to call on 01257 270775.

Marble Floor Restoration Blackpool

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Our stone cleaning and stone restoration blog boasts many images and information about restoring marble floors. We take great pride in our work and the way that we present ourselves and detail via our informative blog.

There is a huge sense of achievement in receiving such positive customer feedback and the influx of enquiries that we receive regularly. This has helped us to build up our existing client base through recommendation and referrals and we are frequently asked to travel further afield due to demand for our services.

The following images show the incredible transformation we achieved with this marble polishing project in Blackpool. Our client had become unsatisfied with the dull appearance of their stone tiles and they asked for us to clean and polish them to a high-shine finish.

Marble Tiles BlackpoolStone Finishes Blackpool







Although the images show an instant result; hard work was put in to achieve this! After the tiles were thoroughly cleaned we began using a course-grit sanding paper, working through to a fine-grit paper to achieve the polished look.

Marble Floor BlackpoolMarble Polishing Blackpool







The floor tiles were fully sealed to make sure that they were equipped to deal with every day wear and tear and any possible liquid spillages. Stone floor sealing is so important for any natural stone; it can both help your tiles look cleaner for longer and it will work to repel etching, water marks or staining that can easily be caused by any liquid touching the tile.

Stone Finishes LancashireStone Floor Sealing Blackpool







We hope that you agree that there was a radical improvement in the look and feel of these marble tiles. If you have any questions about what stone finishes can be achieved or want to discuss our stone restoration services we invite you to call 01257 270775 to find out more.

Cleaning Terrazzo Tiles Lancashire

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Terrazzo Flooring PrestonWe take on a range of commercial stone cleaning and residential floor cleaning work throughout Lancashire. This enables us to build up an incredible portfolio of floor care work and this, combined with our experience, allows us to build up our reputation as being specialist floor restoration experts.

Terrazzo tiles are a unique stone tile that were originally formed by exposing aggregates and marble chips on the surface of an epoxy resin or concrete. A smooth finish is achieved by polishing the stone’s surface.

Terrazzo Floor LancashireTerrazzo flooring is extremely durable due to its make-up which explains why it is well-suited to a commercial setting. We were invited to restore this Terrazzo floor in Lancashire. The before images show the deteriorated state that the tiles were in prior to our revolutionary stone restoration process, adapted over many years.

We were able to co-ordinate our scheduled restoration to fall in line with the shop’s planned renovation programme.

Terrazzo Cleaning PrestonAs you can imagine our industrial rotary machinery played a pivotal role with this project. It is hugely important to offer the best possible restoration services and this means that we need to invest in state-of-the-art machinery that can complete the work quickly and efficiently.

The science behind restoration of stone flooring has advanced so much in recent years and we are ensure that we are constantly well-informed of new machinery, products and techniques. The Terrazzo tiles were almost unrecognisable once restored.

Terrazzo Tiles LancashireThe distinctive look of these tiles were revealed; we achieved a polished, high-shine finish which accurately promoted a hygienically clean environment. Our clients were stunned by the result!

If you would like more information on Terrazzo cleaning or any of the floor care services that we offer we ask you to call us on 01257 270775. We endeavour to answer your enquiries quickly and will always do all we can to offer as much information as possible and to ensure the smooth-running of your project.

Cleaning Grout Birkenhead

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Grout is a porous material; it is often found that dirt ingrains deeply into the grout lines of any stone flooring. This is unsightly and is often caused by dirt being pushed and collected into the lines of grout. There are a vast amount of grout cleaning products available that are more than likely to offer substandard results.

Cleaning Grout LancashireCleaning Grout Birkehnhead

We were invited to restore these marble tiles in Birkenhead. The home owner was getting increasingly frustrated with the dull appearance of the stone tiles and for the increasingly dirty grout between the tiles. They had tried so many products that had never been able to offer the gleaming results that can be achieved with our professional restoration service.

We have industrial strength, eco-friendly products and solutions that ensure that the existing grout is not damaged. Many cleaning products are incredibly acidic and a lot should not be used with natural stone tiles such as marble, limestone or travertine.

So our in-depth understanding of the best products available is imperative to the overall success of our work. Our trade machinery and tools on this job allowed us the confidence that we can achieve unrivalled results for each and every client we work for.

Cleaning Grout PrestonCleaning Grout Chorley






We have built up a range of experience in dealing with staining and dirt build-up. Different grout colours and types provide us with individual challenges the light colouration of the grout on this job meant that we were required to pool our knowledge to achieve the best-possible results.

We left our client with detail of how best to approach routine cleaning. Dirt particles and moisture are a winning formula for quickly soiled grout. This marble floor was left both hygienically clean and strikingly attractive.

If you have any questions about cleaning grout please call Ian on 01257 270775.

Polished Floor Tiles Lancashire

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It is inevitable that immediately after installation natural floor tiles are being marred by foot traffic. It is important that any cleaning products used to regularly maintain or clean your stone floor are formulated specifically for that stone type.

We were invited to fully restore these Travertine tiles in Chorley. After inspection of the travertine floor we offered information and advice about our stone restoration process and our client made the decision that they wanted a high-sheen, polished finish to their floor.

Travertine Cleaning Chorley Travertine Tiles Lancashire







We have devised a tailored process that utilizes specialised trade compounds and machinery that have been specifically developed for this procedure. This offers reduced disintegration of the stone tiles once they have been treated.

Once the stone flooring has been fully cleaned and restored, diamond encrusted rotary pads are used; this starts with course pads, reducing down through coarseness to finer pads. These incredibly fine pads produce a reflective and smooth finish.

Polished stone Lancashire Stone polishing Chorley







Our client was so pleased with her polished stone tiles. One true benefit is that it is a completely tailored procedure. Whilst working through the stone polishing process, you are able to continually monitor your progress in order to make sure that the finish achieved is matched to the vision of each individual client.

Polishing stone floors LancashirePolishing travertine floors Chorley







The final part of the process is the application of an impregnating stone-specific sealer. Polished floor tiles look incredible and our client commented on our professional approach to our work. If you have any questions about polishing travertine tiles we invite you to call Ian on 01257 270775.

An inspection of your stone floors will be arranged at a time convenient for you and we use this opportunity to discuss the stone restoration process, any limitations to the job, the finishes that can be achieved and to offer advice.

Polishing Marble Tiles Gisburn

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The below images show the results of a marble polishing job that we completed in Gisburn. This client requested that we achieve a high-gloss finish. Once the work had been completed, it was a great opportunity to take pictures to showcase the results.

Marble restoration GisburnStone Polishing Gisburn







We receive a large number of queries through our website and we enjoy taking the time to offer information and advice to our valued clients. We use every opportunity to discuss the ways in which we offer superior stone cleaning and stone restoration services throughout the Lancashire areas.

Stone Cleaning Products LancashireStone Cleaning Products; natural and man-made stone tiles differ greatly in the products required to restore their originally-laid beauty. Incorrect usage of cleaning products can result in damaged tiles and our experience and training has meant that we are best-equipped to deal with every enquiry.

Stone Restoration Machinery; we are intensely passionate about the machinery that we use. Having the best available restoration machines sets us apart from our competition and ensures that we can achieve the best finish in the shortest time. We realise that having any home improvement work completed in your home or business means disruption and we look at reducing this in any way possible.

Marble polishing GisburnTime-Served Knowledge; our website shows the range of flooring that we work with. Floor care and floor cleaning in both domestic and commercial premises has allowed us incredible insight and the opportunity to hone our craft. It also allowed us to build up the reputation that we have to this day.

There is a range of finishes that can be achieved with stone polishing; this varies from honed to polished stone. We spend time discussing your individual requirements to make sure that the finish we achieve matches this.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss arranging a floor care quotation; please call Ian on 01257 270775.

Commercial Floor Sanding Wigan

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Sanding wooden floors throughout the UK has provided our Company with vast experience in the trade. It has allowed us incredible opportunities and it is great to be able to showcase these on our website. Every job varies greatly and the before and after images of this wood floor sanding job show the stunning change to this beautiful space.

Floor Sanding WiganCommercial floor sanding Wigan







We were invited to complete this job in Buckley Theatre School in Wigan; and what a brilliant job to start the New Year with! We were asked to fully sand and seal 150m² of reclaimed maple flooring.

Sanding wooden floors WiganSanding wood floors Wigan







The wood floor boards were originally taken from a University in Lancaster and relayed in the dance studio. The boards were worn and needed carefully crafted restoration to bring them back to life.

Wood floor restoration WiganRestored wood floor Wigan







The floor sanding work was complete in 2 ½ days. After the sanding process was completed, it was decided that the wooden floor should be finished with a very hard wearing two pack commercial floor laquer.

Floor sander WiganThe newly restored maple flooring really did alter the overall appearance of the studio. The images show this transformation; we wanted to show the process from start to finish.

We have wide-ranging experience in commercial floor sanding and have the necessary man-power and industrial machinery to complete the work with minimal disruption to your business.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the options available we would ask you to call us on 01257 270775; we would be happy to talk you through the process and work hard to offer assurance that you are dealing with the best-served company to restore your wood floors.

Oak Flooring Restoration and Travertine Cleaning Whalley

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Wood Floor Restoration LancashireFloor Sanding WhalleyWe received a call from this client who had just purchased a new house which they were looking to renovate. Although they liked the flooring that was laid in the house, both the oak floor and the travertine tiles were incredibly damaged.

The wood flooring was scratched, stained and had paint splatters on from where the rooms had been decorated without protecting the floors. The travertine floor looked dull and had clearly not received any kind of treatment or care in the years that they had been laid.

Travertine Cleaning LancashireTravertine Restoration Lancashire


It was a great opportunity to take on the project as, with our years of experience, we could visualise what the restoration results would be like and the drastic improvement that would be achievable.

We were able to provide a competitive price and it was a chance to combine our floor care services.

Our experience in both stone restoration and floor sanding means that we are true experts in both fields.

Wood Floor Sanding WhalleyWood Floors Whalley


We are intensely passionate about floor restoration and have invested heavily in both training and machinery to confidently offer brilliant results without fail.

The images show how the stone tiles and wood floor were transformed.

After the project was completed we offered the client detail about regular cleaning of their floors that they said would help them a lot.


Travertine Tiles WhalleyTravertine Floor WhalleyThey continued with the renovation, pleased that they had chosen to restore their flooring rather than replace it.

The results speak for themselves and we invite you to make contact if you have any questions about floor restoration. You can call us on 01257 270775 or you can contact us via our contact form.

Please also feel free to register to receive a free survey by completing the submission form found at the top of our ‘Home’ page.

Marble Polishing Rufford

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Having an expanse of marble tiles in your home is a luxury and looks incredibly spectacular as seen in the below images. They really are impressive and marble flooring is likely to rate highly if choosing to lay stone flooring in your home or business.

Restoring Marble RuffordMarble Restoration Lancashire







We were asked to inspect this marble floor in Rufford; the owner of the house had been in the house for one year and was disappointed that the floor appeared to be looking worse by the week.

Marble Polishing LancashireMarble Cleaning Lancashire







We spent time with the customer discussing their regular cleaning routine and identified that the owner had been maintaining the floor with a steam mop and unsuitable cleaning products.

This meant that there was a gradual deterioration of the finish on the marble floor tiles and if not restored appropriately; this decline would likely continue.

Marble Tiles RuffordMarble Restoration Rufford







After our initial consultation we returned to complete our comprehensive marble restoration process. It was discussed that the owner wanted a high-gloss finish to their tiles; the floor was therefore ground, polished and sealed with a colour enhancing impregnator.

Marble Cleaning RuffordFinally, the customer was advised of the correct cleaning products and techniques to keep the marble with this high gloss finish. This part of the process is so important and allows us to share our knowledge of the trade and individual stone types with our customers.

This is where 1 Stop Floor Care offer superior services to each and every one of our clients; we strive to go the extra mile and deliver restored natural stone floors with a concentration on customer service.

We want to gain your custom for life and invite you to call us on 01257 270775 for any enquiries about marble polishing. We look forward to hearing from you.

Indian Sandstone Restoration West Lancashire

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Indian sandstone floor tiles are incredibly beautiful and create a statement for any home. We were invited to restore this sandstone flooring in West Lancashire. Through advice previously received, the owner was led to believe that the drab and dirty stone floor was meant to look like this.

Natural stone floors BurnleyFlagsttone Floors BlackpoolAfter our intense stripping and deep cleaning processes the sandstone tiles took on an incredible new lease of life. The homeowner really could not believe what the restored tiles looked like because their natural beauty and pattern had been hidden under years and years of dirt and grime.

The floor was then sealed with an impregnating sealer which will keep the floor looking this good for years to come. This is applied by hand to ensure even coverage. The before and after images provide proof of the transformation that we were able to achieve and is testament to the exquisiteness of sandstone.

Cleaning sandstone is an incredible process and 1 Stop Floor Care are best-equipped to deal with the stone restoration process. We have industrial machinery, time-served knowledge and trade-strength products that offer the superior finish required.

Flagstone tiles BlackburnFlagstone Lancashire






Part of our service is building on our local reputation for providing brilliant stone cleaning and floor care. From the point of your enquiry to delivering your sandstone restoration project; we will endeavour to keep you well-informed and provide you assurance that you are dealing with professionals.

Cleaning Flagstone ChorleyFlagstone Flooring West Lancashire






If you have any questions or would like to discuss any aspect of our services please call us on 01257 270775. We hope that you agree the before and after images of this incredible project really do speak volumes for the power of restored stone.

Marble Restoration Clitheroe

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Marble is arguably one of the most recognisable and well-known stone tile; it really enhances any room where it is laid. Years of use and wear had left this marble flooring looking dull which was not the statement that our clients wanted to make to people visiting their home.

How was this marble restoration completed?

Marble Grinding:

This process stripped back the existing surface of the marble tiles. It removed any remaining coatings, delamination and other issues that had occurred over time. This technique employed the use of our state-of-the-art machinery.

Marble Polishing:

This process offered further grinding with diamond grinders that provided a smooth and reflective finish. The level to which this is completed depends on the finish that our individual clients would like to achieve. We were asked to provide a high-shine for this job.

Marble Sealing:

Sealing marble will make sure that the marble restoration results are long-lasting. It will give the stone a natural resilience against liquid spills. In this case we sealed the stone with a colour enhancing impregnator.

Below is a selection of the before and after images from this marble cleaning project; the results really do speak for themselves and we felt as though these images show the versatility of marble.

Marble Polishing ClitheroeMarble Polishing Lancashire

Marble Cleaning LancashireMarble cleaning Clitheroe














Marble Restoration LancashireMarble Restoration Clitheroe







If you have any questions about marble polishing or would like to talk to us; we ask that you call Ian on 01257 270775.

Stone Cleaning St Helens

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Stone cleaning and stone restoration is a delicate and intricate process that requires in-depth knowledge of many different types of stone, their individual cleaning requirements and the ways in which you can achieve the best possible results.

Our industrial machinery and stone-specific products enable us to thoroughly clean and restore natural stone tiles throughout Lancashire. We were asked to restore this Flagstone flooring in St Helens and we went to complete a sample area.

Stone Restoration LancashireStone Restoration St Helens







This provides us the opportunity to show clients the results that we can achieve with their actual stone flooring. Our client was so impressed that they immediately confirmed that they would like us to complete the work to their entire Flagstone floor.

This flagstone floor had become unsightly due to many years of dirt and build-up. Our work involved stripping, deep cleaning and sealing the floor with a breathable and hard wearing topical seal.

The below pictures of before and after the stone cleaning process shows how we were able to enhance the natural colour of the stone tiles, giving this old floor a new lease of life. We offer comprehensive services at competitive prices and help homeowners and business owners avoid the unnecessary cost of expensive replacement.

Stone Cleaning LancashireStone Cleaning St Helens







If you would like to enquire about our stone restoration services please call us on 01257 270775; we would be happy to discuss your options with you and to arrange a free, no obligation quotation.

Cleaning Flagstone Flooring Burnley

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We were invited to complete this Flagstone floor restoration job in Burnley. Our name had been recommended to this client by a previous customer who had been impressed with the service that we offered and the stone restoration results we are able to achieve.

The use of flagstones in homes are incredibly popular because of their rustic and natural look and their durability and practical benefits. This flagstone flooring required a full restoration process because of the build-up of dirt and grime over time.

Deep chemical cleaning was required to start the cleaning process for this flagstone floor. This chemical solution was then agitated using Nu-Life monster brushes with our industrial machinery. Our experience has allowed us the benefit of using only the best products and machinery to ensure we are able to offer superior restoration results without exception.

The flagstone cleaning process was then followed by high pressure washing and extraction. In-depth knowledge of cleaning flagstones is so important; it would be easy to damage your precious flagstone tiles.

After the tiles were fully dried with our powerful drying machines a Natural Stone Sealer by Nu-Life was applied by hand. This process repels liquid spillages and ensures the tiles and grout are mildew-resistant.

Flagstone Cleaning LancashireStone Cleaning Lancashire







We would be happy to take your enquiries and provide a no-obligation quotation; please call 01257 270775 to find out about our Flagstone restoration services.

Marble Polishing Burnley

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Marble tiles are instantly recognisable and are striking in their appearance; they are used in both domestic and commercial premises and offer a really elegant look.

Marble flooring can be used in many areas of the home including kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and entrance halls.

Marble Polishing BurnleyMarble Polishing Burnley







We were invited to this marble restoration job in Burnley where the marble floor had become dull over time. Although marble is a versatile natural stone, it can in its very nature suffer from scratches and etching.

Through our discussion with the home owner it became apparent that we would need to complete our tailored marble grinding, polishing and sealing processes to offer the look they wanted to achieve.

The process is cost-effective and efficient as we have invested in state-of-the-art machinery. We will protect all of your skirting boards and furniture and ensure that every element of the process is explained so that you are confident you are dealing with a time-served professional.

Marble Cleaning BlackburnMarble Cleaning Blackburn







We have completed a large number of stone cleaning and stone restoration jobs throughout Lancashire and further field and we make sure that however large or small the job is that we leave every client feeling that they have received the best level of customer service with incredible restoration results.

Marble polishing is a hugely rewarding process; the above pictures tell the story themselves. Are you looking for advice on how to clean marble? If so, please call Ian on 01257 270775 to arrange a free, no obligation quotation and survey of your floor tiles.

Cleaning Limestone Blackburn

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Limestone is a luxurious and high quality natural stone; it is suitable for bathrooms, counter tops and floors. It is a hugely popular stone choice and stunning when looked after correctly.

This porous natural stone requires expert knowledge to achieve the best possible and long lasting restoration results. It is likely that once your beautiful limestone flooring is laid that it will have experience a variety factors that may damage the floor tiles leaving them scuffed, scratched, stained or dull.

We are enthusiastic and passionate about our approach to cleaning limestone. We have undertaken a number of limestone restoration jobs throughout Blackburn and the surrounding areas of Lancashire.

Limestone Cleaning Process

Step 1: We inspect your limestone floor; this is to identify the nature of the work required and limitations of stain removal and restoration, if any. This inspection will allow us to provide you with an accurate quotation for the required work. This is offered with no obligation and we are happy to discuss all aspects of the job prior to work commencing.

Step 2: As routine; we protect all walls, skirting and furniture. We realise this is a very important part of the process and provides assurance that you are dealing with a professional company who will treat your home or business with respect.

Step 3: All dirt, soil and dry particles are removed.

Step 4: A pre-mixed cleaning solution is applied; this is where experience is vital. Each stone type is individual and requires in-depth understanding of natural stone. Damage can be used if incorrect cleaning solutions and methods are employed.

Step 5: Industrial rotary cleaning machines are then used to agitate the solution. These manage to reach all edges and corners, providing a seamlessly cleaned stone floor. The floor is then rinsed.

Step 6: The cleaning process may require repeating, but once done this has been completed, the stone is then thoroughly dried. We have invested in fast-drying machinery which hugely reduces drying times and disruption to your home or business.

Step 7: The stone polishing process is then completed, leaving stone flooring smooth and reflective. Diamond encrusted rotary pads reducing from course pads to very fine pads, offering the high-sheen and polished finish.

** Please note that we are able to offer a polished or honed finish for your Limestone Tiles: we will fully discuss your desired finish prior to starting the work **

Step 8: Sealing; a stone-specific sealer is then applied by hand to the tiles. This is a crucial part of the process; this penetrates below the surface of the stone and grout and repels liquid spillages.

We look to achieve unrivalled finishes whist offering high-levels of customer service at competitive prices. We have worked hard to build up a great local reputation with has benefited us with substantial repeat custom and recommendations.

The two top pictures show the Limestone flooring on arrival and the bottom two pictures show the tiles when we left. This customer in Blackburn wanted a high shine on her limestone tiles and was so pleased with the results we were able to achieve.

Limestone Flooring LancashireLimestone Restoration Lancashire







Limestone Tiles Cleaning BlackburnLimestone Cleaing Blackburn







Once the work is completed we will discuss a regular maintenance cleaning programme; leaving you with information and knowledge to ensure the results we provide are long-lasting.

We ask you to contact Ian on 01257 270775 with any limestone cleaning enquiries.

Wood floor sanding DIY project abandoned Preston

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This customer in Preston had originally decided to attempt to sand his living room floor using equipment from his local hire shop. He very quickly found there was a lot more to it than he thought. The sanding belts kept breaking and there was dust everywhere. He then decided to call 1 Stop Floor Care.

The pine floor was sanded to a high quality, dust free finish ready for the application of a coloured hard wax oil.

Pine floor board sanding LancashirePine floor board sanding Lancashire









Call or email now for a free quotation.

Karndean Floor Restoration Lancashire

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This Karndean flooring was in need of attention following a visit from the decorators. The floor was covered in paint spots and splashes and was generally dull and lifeless.

The surface of the floor was stripped thoroughly cleaned and redressed. The finished results speak for themselves.

For more information or enquiries regarding the cleaning and maintenance of your Karndean floor contact 1 Stop Floor Care today.

Karndean cleaning Lancashire,Karndean floor after restoration









We also provide carpet cleaning and stone cleaning services. Please contact us to discuss your floor cleaning requirements.

Hotel Carpet Cleaning Southport

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Here are is an example of low moisture carpet cleaning for one of our clients at a hotel in Southport.

We were asked to clean the carpet in one of this busy hotels conference rooms. The carpet had numerous stains from liquid spillages and foot traffic that had built up over a period of time. One of the requirements was that the carpet needed to be cleaned and dried quickly in order for the room to be usable later that day.

We used a low moisture system with added stainguard properties that leaves the carpets clean, dry and reusable within 30 minutes after completion. Ideal for a hotels function rooms and bedrooms.

Here are some pictures of before and after cleaning.







We are specialists in commercial carpet cleaning; we will ensure minimal interruption and can guarantee fast drying times. The appearance of your business carpets will be restored, sanitised and will improve the presentation of your business instantly.

Avoid costly replacement of your carpets!



Flagstone Floor Cleaning Preston

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This is a flagstone floor that we had been asked to clean by a customer in Preston, Lancashire. The appearance of the floor had become dull and lifeless and the customer was finding it increasingly difficult to keep it clean.

The stone was thoroughly cleaned, rinsed with our high pressure washing systems then thoroughly dried out before being sealed with a high performance colour enhancing natural stone sealer by Nu-Life.

The finished results speak for themselves. The natural colours of the stone now showing through and and sealed surface that can be easily maintained by the customer. For your free quotation and survey contact [email protected] today.

Flagstone floorFlagstone floor after cleaning







We also offer services in cleaning carpets, cleaning stone and sanding wood. Please contact us to find out more!

Travertine Floor Ormskirk

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We were are asked by this customer to survey their Tumbled Travertine flooring in Ormskirk. The customer had commented that no matter how much they cleaned the floor, they were unable to keep it clean looking with the soiling showing quickly in the grout lines and the Travertine holes within a matter of days.

On closer inspection the survey found that the tiles had no traces of sealant to protect it against contamination and the customer had said that out of frustration they had resorted to using bleaches and harsh cleaning products to try and clean the floor rather than a pH neutral solution.

Following the free survey which included the cleaning of a sample area, we have been asked to return and carry out a deep clean of the full floor area followed by the application of a Natural Stone Sealer by Nu-Life.

For your free quotation and survey contact [email protected] today.









Find out more about cleaning Travertine tiles and other natural stone flooring.

Marble Floor Cleaning Blackburn

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Marble tiles can transform any room instantly, looking sophisticated, and are usually one of the most popular floor tile choice available. Marble floor tiles are durable, versatile and easily cleaned and maintained. A truly timeless tile choice!

We received a call from a customer who had just had their marble tiles laid in Blackburn; what should have looked like polished tiles were looking dull due to excess grout residue.

Specialist cutting powders were used to eliminate this excess and then marble polishing techniques were used to bring out the true quality of the tile. The client was so pleased to have the polished finish they wanted and the transformation was exceptional.

Marble floor cleaning LancashireMarble floor restoration Chorley






Please contact Ian about all of your marble floor cleaning and marble floor maintenance questions on 01257 270775 or email here.

Wood Floor Sanding and Restoration Blackburn

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Wooden flooring gives warmth, beauty and value to any property. There are many different styles, fashions and textures available.

Over time some floors can begin to look tired and scuffed, especially in areas of any property where there is high foot traffic. Ordinary retail wood floor cleaning products aren’t specialized to deal with individual types of wood floors and often leave a residue behind. This can create a dull, lifeless impression wooden floor.

The first picture shows a walnut wooden floor in Blackburn, Lancashire with a build up of products and damaged over many years. When we first arrived, it was difficult to see the natural beauty of this floor.

We used dust free wood floor sanding machinery to strip back the floor; this process was repeated until it was fully prepared for finishing. The floor was then finished, leaving it smooth, clean and durable for years to come.

Wood floor cleaning LancashireWood floor restoration Lancashire







For all your enquiries please call Ian on 01257 270775 or 07714 439813.

Travertine Floor Restoration Fleetwood

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Travertine flooring is a really popular natural stone flooring choice today with an understated aesthetic influence. It is ideal for both residential and commercial use as it is distinguished in appearance.

Travertine floor tiles are available in different finishes, ranging from smooth to a more pitted look.

Grout lines can become soiled as they were when we arrived at this clients’ home. The first picture shows how the right treatment can really make a difference.

We then cleaned our customer’s travertine tiles in Fleetwood with our specialist tile cleaning machinery, it was left to dry and then the tiles and grout were sealed the following day. The customer agreed the tiles’ genuine elegance were restored!

Travertine tile cleaning ChorleyTravertine floor restoration Chorley







For more information about natural stone cleaning please contact Ian here.

Flagstone Floor Cleaning Liverpool

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There are several benefits of natural stone floors within any property; flagstone floors are durable, versatile and have a distinct and attractive appearance.

Treatments, sealing and maintenance vary depending on the type of stone, so the best course of action is to ask for advice! We pride ourselves on being able to assist with your individual requirements for your flagstone flooring. Regular maintenance of this distinctive and classic stone will mean it will last for many years.

One of our customers had a dull looking flagstone floor in Liverpool.

We began by cleaning a sample area which shows the vast improvement that can be made. We then continued to clean and reseal the remaining internal flagstone floor tiles with an amazing outcome and finish.

Flagstone floor cleaning LancashireFlagstone floor restoration Chorley







For more information on cleaning flagstone flooring in your home or business please contact Ian.