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Careful Commercial Carpet Cleaning

By On March 29, 2017 No Comments

It is often underestimated the positive association given when entering a commercial premises with clean carpets. Clean carpets offer instant assurance that you care about the appearance of your business.

Some businesses have a real challenge on their hands with this. Consider, for example, a pub or an area where many people are eating and drinking. Both food particles and drink spillages lead to quick re-soiling of any carpet. A routine maintenance plan is needed in order to take the stress away from this situation.

Commercial carpet cleaners LancashireCommercial carpet cleaning Lancashire






Cleaning commercial carpets needs an understanding of existing business commitments. We will always endeavour to complete any cleaning work in hours that are best suited for your business. This means that disruption is kept to an absolute minimum and the appearance of your business is always at its best.

How long does the carpet cleaning process take?

The timescales will vary depending on level of soiling, the size of the space and whether much furniture needs removing. Our intensive carpet cleaning machinery means that our cleaning process is fast and efficient. Some carpet stains may require specialist stain removal procedures but rest assured that the downtime for your business will be kept at an absolute minimum. We also have fast drying equipment that ensures the carpets are ready to be used again within a couple of hours.

Clean Carpets LancashireCleaning Carpets Chorley






The carpet cleaning process offers genuine care for your carpets. A regularly cleaned carpet will remain looking at its best and will be better equipped to offer resistance against further staining. Many of our commercial clients sign up to our maintenance programme which means we take care of their carpets.

Would you like to find out more about this service? Please call today on 0800 852 7177. We always go the extra mile to ensure we deliver the best possible service.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Advice Lancashire

By On January 31, 2016 No Comments

It is an accepted statement to say that we all way our commercial premises to be well-presented and look at their best as much of the time as possible.

Commercial Carpet Cleaner LancashireFor carpets this is an ongoing struggle as any commercial property provides a naturally challenging environment for the creation of a dirty carpet. As we have stated before; it is very off putting to any potential client or employee if the environment that they are in is unclean.

We have collected some stain cleaning advice; this can be applied to both domestic and commercial properties and will leave you confident that you are equipped with the knowledge to keep your carpets clean once they have been professionally deep cleaned.

The carpet stains that may be identified in a business premises are so wide ranging that it would be impossible to list them, although some of the following are regular culprits:

  • Tea and coffee
  • Soft drinks
  • Food stains
  • Rust
  • Ink

The most basic advice is that if anything is spilled or you identify a stain that you take prompt action in order to prevent possible staining.

Our Stain Removal Top Tips:

  1. Do not use a coloured cloth as this will likely leave colour on your carpet
  2. Do not rub the stain
  3. Make sure to use the correct solution that will give you the best opportunity of fully removing the stain
  4. Test the solution on a hidden part of your carpet prior to application as this will highlight any incompatibility
  5. Work from the outside of the stain and work inwards
  6. If there is any excess matter, make sure to scrape this up with a blunt knife
  7. Ensure to fully rinse the area cleaned so that residue is not left on your carpet
  8. Always blot the area to remove excess moisture

Are you looking for a specialist commercial carpet cleaner? Please call today on 0800 852 7177 to arrange a quotation.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Preston

By On September 30, 2015 No Comments

It is a well-accepted understanding that professional carpet cleaning can deep clean carpets that most would assume are ruined or need replacing. The process and replacement can cause a lot of disruption as well as the fact that it is a costly exercise.

We were asked to steam clean the carpets in the Ramada Hotel after their guests had a food fight the night before. We were able to offer a prompt and professional service and ensured minimal disruption to the other hotel guests.

Commercial Carpet Cleaners PrestonOnce the carpets were deep cleaned there was no indication of the previous night’s antics. The area was restored to looking pristine and offered the guests the right professional impression. They were left with the confidence that the carpets not only looked great but were hygienically clean.

Why should you clean your carpets? Carpets act as a filter to unhealthy contaminants such as dirt, bacteria, mould spores, food particles, dust mites and many more.

Any carpet can become saturated and therefore these can cause health issues, particularly for allergy sufferers. Regular cleaning keeps on top of this and allows you confidence that your indoor air quality is at an acceptable level.

How often should carpets be cleaned? The answer to this question depends on a few factors such as foot fall, use, location and whether shoes are worn on the carpet. All carpets should be professional cleaned once a year but some may need doing every six months and others every eighteen months. The best advice that we can offer is to arrange a no obligation quotation where we will offer advice on the most appropriate action.

We approach commercial carpet cleaning with the respect it requires. The wealth of knowledge and experience that we have means that we are well-equipped to deal with all types of carpet stains and carpet types.

Please call to arrange a quotation today: 0800 852 7177.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Lancashire

By On April 18, 2015 No Comments

We provide a comprehensive range of commercial carpet cleaning services that are tailored to match our clients exacting requirements. These include deep cleaning of carpets, carpet protection, carpet stain removal and a full maintenance programme for ongoing care.

We offer an individual approach which is dictated by the nature of any carpet stains and the type of carpet. Dirt, dust, pollutants, allergens, soil and food particles and bacteria are just some of the contaminants that make their way into any business carpets.

The carpet fibres act like a filter for these, however, the ability to do this is reduced over time as it effectively becomes saturated. It is a well understood fact that having these contaminants present that it can contribute to allergy and health problems for your employees.

Commercial Carpet Cleaner PrestonCarpet Stain Removal Preston







We were invited to deep clean these business carpets in Preston, Lancashire. We use eco-friendly carpet cleaning products and use state-of-the-art industrial machinery that offers fast and effective cleaning services.

Once all stains had been removed and the carpets had been deep cleaned, we completed our comprehensive carpet protection provision. This provides an invisible defence around the carpet fibres and works to repel water and oil-based solutions. Incredibly it also works to protect against abrasion, matting and wear and tear.

Clean carpets PrestonCommercial carpet cleaning PrestonPart of our carpet cleaning process offers a professional approach to be flexible around existing business commitments. Our aim is to minimise any disruption caused; we offer a guaranteed superior service that is fast, efficient and cost-effective.

This client went onto sign up for our ongoing maintenance programme that offers regular cleaning to make sure that business carpets remain looking at their best for longer. Impressions of a business are vital and this Company wanted to make sure that the clean appearance matched their exacting standards for their work.

If you would like to find out more about 1 Stop Floor Care, expert commercial carpet cleaners for Lancashire and surrounding areas, we invite you to call on 0800 852 7177.

Hotel Carpet Cleaning Southport

By On July 22, 2012 No Comments

Here are is an example of low moisture carpet cleaning for one of our clients at a hotel in Southport.

We were asked to clean the carpet in one of this busy hotels conference rooms. The carpet had numerous stains from liquid spillages and foot traffic that had built up over a period of time. One of the requirements was that the carpet needed to be cleaned and dried quickly in order for the room to be usable later that day.

We used a low moisture system with added stainguard properties that leaves the carpets clean, dry and reusable within 30 minutes after completion. Ideal for a hotels function rooms and bedrooms.

Here are some pictures of before and after cleaning.







We are specialists in commercial carpet cleaning; we will ensure minimal interruption and can guarantee fast drying times. The appearance of your business carpets will be restored, sanitised and will improve the presentation of your business instantly.

Avoid costly replacement of your carpets!