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3 Myths about Cleaning Flagstone Flooring

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Myth 1: Vinegar is a great product to disinfect stone surfaces

Natural stone tiles and surfaces will inevitably react when vinegar is applied to its surface. The end result will be an etch mark that has been created by the acidic nature of vinegar.

The best way that we can describe this is that it will appear as though the finish of the stone tile has been removed. The mark will be dull in appearance and cannot be simply cleaned off. To fully remove etching marks you will be required to re-polish the stone surface.

TIP: Use neutral stone cleaning solutions and seek advice on which product formulations are best for your particular stone type.

Myth 2: Stone Sealers make a stone surface waterproof

Products to seal stone can be separated into two categories; impregnators and sealers. Both work to offer a resistance against liquid spillages, oils, grease etc. Stone sealer provides protection to a point that allows us to time to mop or clean any spill.

This stops the liquid from penetrating deep into the stone and creating a stain. Essentially stone sealers offer increased protection but they do not make the surface waterproof.

TIP: Have your stone sealed yearly to offer the best possible protection.

Myth 3: Shop purchased stone cleaning products restore tiles just as well as a Professional service

Many people try to maintain their stone floors through routine cleaning and shop-purchased products. Over time they may start to feel as though the cleaning results are unsatisfactory. For the best-possible stone restoration results professional products, machinery and experience is required. This provides a fast and efficient service that is far superior to any finish achieved without this assistance.

TIP: Request the support of 1 Stop Floor Care to clean and restore your natural stone flooring or man-made tile.

Flagstone Cleaning SouthportFlagstone Flooring Southport







This flagstone flooring was uncovered in Southport, Lancashire and we completed a full deep clean and restoration which brought back the natural and striking appearance of this beautiful stone.

If you would like to request more information about cleaning flagstone tile please enquire by calling on 0800 852 7177.

Flagstone Flooring Ormskirk

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Are you looking for a versatile natural stone floor? Some may say to look no further than flagstone flooring; it is available in a range of textures, tile shapes and sizes. As an anti-slip tile, flagstone can be used within many areas of a home and businesses alike.

It is important to consider the expected foot traffic of the area, usage, varying temperatures and other factors when considering which floor tile is the best variant for you. The below flagstone tiles were a real feature of this pub in Ormskirk.

Floor Tile OrmskirkIf you were to imagine an area that would experience a likely combination of high usage, liquid spills, ingrained dirt and other deteriorating factors. A pub floor would likely rank highly on your list. This was certainly the case when we inspected this flagstone floor to complete a detailed quotation.

Although dirty tiles are often unsightly; there is another element to our job that becomes very satisfying. We are confident of the restoration results that can be achieved so stone cleaning is an incredibly rewarding process.

Flagstone Flooring LancashireThe tiles were carefully restored, taking into account the individual requirements of such a stunning stone tile. The restoration reinstated the beautiful stone floor and avoided, what some people contemplate, the costly expense of replacement.

Our client was provided with advice on routine maintenance that they then passed onto their cleaners. This elongates the times required between restorations and keeps the tiles looking at their best.

This formed part of a larger package that we offered this establishment. They also wanted to take advantage of our state-of-the-art floor sanding and commercial carpet cleaning services. This allowed them the opportunity to deal with one company and we worked closely with them to make sure that the work was scheduled at a convenient time.

If you would like to discuss any floor care requirements that you have for your home or business we invite you to call on 01257 270775 for more information. Our friendly staff are happy to support any enquiry and will guide you through the process of dealing with 1 Stop Floor Care.

Stone Cleaning Preston

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It is important for us that from your initial contact with 1 Stop Floor Care that you are instantly reassured that you are dealing with a trustworthy, professional and courteous company who care deeply about the service that we offer.

Flagstone Cleaning Preston Flagstone Flooring PrestonUltimately we want to leave you feeling confident that you have employed a specialist that can offer a superior service to other competition based on our drive to be the best at what we do. How do we do this?

Our technicians are trained to national recognized standards and this is backed by our well-earned, established reputation. This is coupled with tried and tested techniques that have always looked to raise the standards of our industry. We treat the homes and businesses that we work in with the utmost respect.

When we were approached to clean and restore these beautiful flagstone tiles in Preston, it was a great opportunity to bring back to life tiles that had lost their lustre over time. Flagstone flooring offers a rustic appearance and provide character to any space where they were fitted.

Our in-depth flagstone cleaning process brought out the natural colouration of these tiles and they were finished with an industrial strength, eco-friendly stone sealer. This process allows the beauty of natural stone flooring to shine through with the confidence for the home owner that they are protected and sealed against wear and damage.

We leave each and every client with information of routine cleaning and form a maintenance programme that will make sure the tiles remain looking at their best, for longer. If you would like to request a quote we invite you to call 1 Stop Floor Care on 01257 270775, use our contact page or fill in our request for a free survey.

Slate Flagstone Cleaning Ambleside

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An exciting element of our work is the opportunity for us to employ our time-served experience in stone cleaning and restoration. It is likely that if you have the chance to speak to our skilled craftsmen that you will automatically identify their clear passion for what we do and for providing the best level of service. It means so much that we receive such great positive customer feedback and this was evident on completion of these slate flagstones in Ambleside.

Slate Tiles Ambleside Slate Cleaning Ambleside







Slate flagstones offer an incredibly natural and rustic look to any property. The tiled floors in this home required a deep clean, however, the owner of the property was particularly worried about a large stain. Stain removal on natural stone flooring does require in-depth knowledge and understanding of the individual stone type.

Slate Flooring Ambleside Slate Floor Ambleside







Slate tiles are, through their composition, made up of a number of layers. This has meant that over time slate flooring has been known for peeling or flaking of these delicate layers. Our specialised stone restoration process carefully considers this, whilst achieving unrivalled levels of deep cleaning.

Slate Flagstones Ambleside Restored Slate AmblesideThe above images show the area of the stain and how it had naturally soaked into the pores of this beautiful slate flagstone floor. Our trade-strength cleaning formulations allowed us to cut through the stain whilst making sure that there was no damage caused to the stone flooring.

The images show the end result and the stain has clearly been eliminated with no damage to the tile or grout around the original stain. When visiting the owner of this property for our initial inspection; they were fearful that their beautiful stone floor may need replacing. They were truly shocked with the results that we were able to provide.

We continued through the house to offer a full cleaning and restoration service for their tiles. If you have any questions about cleaning stone tiles or stain removal we invite you to call us on 01257 270775.

Stone Cleaning St Helens

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Stone cleaning and stone restoration is a delicate and intricate process that requires in-depth knowledge of many different types of stone, their individual cleaning requirements and the ways in which you can achieve the best possible results.

Our industrial machinery and stone-specific products enable us to thoroughly clean and restore natural stone tiles throughout Lancashire. We were asked to restore this Flagstone flooring in St Helens and we went to complete a sample area.

Stone Restoration LancashireStone Restoration St Helens







This provides us the opportunity to show clients the results that we can achieve with their actual stone flooring. Our client was so impressed that they immediately confirmed that they would like us to complete the work to their entire Flagstone floor.

This flagstone floor had become unsightly due to many years of dirt and build-up. Our work involved stripping, deep cleaning and sealing the floor with a breathable and hard wearing topical seal.

The below pictures of before and after the stone cleaning process shows how we were able to enhance the natural colour of the stone tiles, giving this old floor a new lease of life. We offer comprehensive services at competitive prices and help homeowners and business owners avoid the unnecessary cost of expensive replacement.

Stone Cleaning LancashireStone Cleaning St Helens







If you would like to enquire about our stone restoration services please call us on 01257 270775; we would be happy to discuss your options with you and to arrange a free, no obligation quotation.

Cleaning Flagstone Flooring Burnley

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We were invited to complete this Flagstone floor restoration job in Burnley. Our name had been recommended to this client by a previous customer who had been impressed with the service that we offered and the stone restoration results we are able to achieve.

The use of flagstones in homes are incredibly popular because of their rustic and natural look and their durability and practical benefits. This flagstone flooring required a full restoration process because of the build-up of dirt and grime over time.

Deep chemical cleaning was required to start the cleaning process for this flagstone floor. This chemical solution was then agitated using Nu-Life monster brushes with our industrial machinery. Our experience has allowed us the benefit of using only the best products and machinery to ensure we are able to offer superior restoration results without exception.

The flagstone cleaning process was then followed by high pressure washing and extraction. In-depth knowledge of cleaning flagstones is so important; it would be easy to damage your precious flagstone tiles.

After the tiles were fully dried with our powerful drying machines a Natural Stone Sealer by Nu-Life was applied by hand. This process repels liquid spillages and ensures the tiles and grout are mildew-resistant.

Flagstone Cleaning LancashireStone Cleaning Lancashire







We would be happy to take your enquiries and provide a no-obligation quotation; please call 01257 270775 to find out about our Flagstone restoration services.

Flagstone Floor Cleaning Liverpool

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There are several benefits of natural stone floors within any property; flagstone floors are durable, versatile and have a distinct and attractive appearance.

Treatments, sealing and maintenance vary depending on the type of stone, so the best course of action is to ask for advice! We pride ourselves on being able to assist with your individual requirements for your flagstone flooring. Regular maintenance of this distinctive and classic stone will mean it will last for many years.

One of our customers had a dull looking flagstone floor in Liverpool.

We began by cleaning a sample area which shows the vast improvement that can be made. We then continued to clean and reseal the remaining internal flagstone floor tiles with an amazing outcome and finish.

Flagstone floor cleaning LancashireFlagstone floor restoration Chorley







For more information on cleaning flagstone flooring in your home or business please contact Ian.