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Refinishing Wood Floors Leyland

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Transforming your wood floors does not necessarily mean changing its colour drastically with another wood finish. What it does mean is altering its appearance so that it is refinished to a professional standard. This finish not only needs to look great, but it needs to be long-lasting to offer value for money.

How is this achieved? This is achieved through a variety of individual elements. However, our dustless sanding machines support this process immensely. This sanding system has revolutionised the floor sanding provision. It allows us to offer a virtually dust free service.

Refinishing wood floors Leyland Floor sanding Leyland






Professional floor sanding technicians can now monitor their progress more readily and the lack of dust created vastly speeds up clear up and mess for clients. Not all of our clients enquiring about floor sanding know that this service is available.

Both belt sanders and edging machines can be connected, meaning that the entire surface of your wood floor can be sanded using the system.

Our sanding system offers:

  • A virtually dustless sanding service
  • Superior result for sanding your wood floors
  • Is accompanied with our varied experience in the floor sanding trade
  • Comes alongside our exceptional customer service

Working throughout Lancashire and the surrounding areas we are able to offer the guarantee that our dust extraction system is the most powerful available. It is important to remember that if there is no dust created in the process, there is no clean up and no further disruption to you. It really does make a huge difference for our clients, all of which are ecstatic with the results we achieve.

Floor sander LancashireWe sanded this wooden floor in Lancashire. It was part of a larger wood restoration job, but these pictures show the transformation we achieved. When we arrived, the floor was worn and discoloured.

Once sanded, the natural wood was revealed. We were then able to use our top-rated Pallmann products to create a natural, yet hard wearing finish.

Are you interested in a floor sanding quote? Call today on 0800 852 7177.

Damaged Wooden Floors Lancashire

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Wooden floors look great. There is no avoiding the fact that they can offer a really sophisticated appearance to any space where they are fitted. This is never more an appropriate saying that when dealing with parquet floors.

Due to the way in which the blocks are laid, their pattern offers real character. They are warmer underfoot than stone and can stand up to general wear and tear. We were invited to restore this parquet floor in Lancashire.

Although the floor was generally well cared for. Some of the boards were in sun light and some were not where furniture and rugs had been placed. This is often fine until the point at which you want to move furniture or swap rugs.

Sun damaged wood floors LancashireThe first image shows a brilliant example of just how dramatic this can be. However, this is where one of the true benefits of wood floors comes in. With our floor sanding services, the floors in this home could be sanded back.

The sun damage only really affects the surface coatings on the wood boards. The sanding process strips back the old coatings and wood finishes to reveal beautifully natural wooden floors. Our client decided that they adored this look and wanted their parquet floor to remain natural.

Restoring damaged floors LancashireOnce again, we used our PALLMANN product range to produce a natural, yet hard-wearing wood finish. Our client was so pleased with the finish. The products work so well with skilfully restored floors. They work to bring out the natural finish, whilst protecting the natural wood underneath.

This floor was part of a larger project in this particular house. Each of the floors were transformed. Would you be interested in requesting a quotation for us to restore your wood floors? Call us today on 0800 852 7177. Our services are competitively priced and completed to our exacting professional standards.

We are Proud to Use Pallmann Products

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We have always been fastidious with our product selection. With any wood floor sanding project, careful product selection is the key to a successful and long-lasting restored wood floor. So many other products offer benefits but through our experience we confidently now only use Pallmann products for our wood floor restoration work.

Pallmann Contractor LancashireWe are proud to be a Pallmann registered contractor. What does this mean? It means that we have been trained to use the products correctly. We continue to be re-assessed in order to monitor the finishes we achieve.

Furthermore, this allows us to offer warranties on the finish of your wood floors. This is a huge incentive for our clients as it offers assurance that their finish is guaranteed.

Alongside training for all of our operatives we also had to provide at least three written references from our clients. The initial training is then further cemented with a professional development course and reviews of what had been previously taught. This is then repeated every twelve months thereafter.

Pallmann guidelines are rigorous and are made that way for a purpose. Any Pallmann contractor is tied to using the ‘Good for Wood’ system products. This commitment shows how highly we regard these formulations.

The range is incredible and really does cover absolutely every aspect of the wood floor sanding and restoration process. The finishes we achieve are therefore superior to jobs where other products are used.

Did you know?

To ensure that all work carried out meets the highest standards, Pallmann is allowed to audit at least two randomly selected job sites per year. All of this provides existing and future clients with added assurance.

Are you interested in requesting a quotation for us to restore your wooden floors? Have you got questions about Pallmann products? We would be happy to assist. Please call today on 0800 852 7177.

Kelbrook Village Hall Restoration Project Lancashire

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Village Halls provide an incredible space for the local community. They are a treasured place, frequently used for many different classes and events. These may range from luncheon clubs for the elderly, fitness classes, art classes to toddler groups. This comprehensive list provides evidence of the diverse usage of such a facility.

It also shows the wear and tear that the wooden floor has to put up with. Village hall regular events are often broken down into morning, afternoon and evening sessions. This means that use can start early in the day and finish late in the evening. This really does emphasise the heavy usage that they experience.

Floor Sander Lancashire Wood Floor Sanding Lancashire






We were asked to restore the Village Hall wood floor. The heavy use had worn down the appearance of the floor and it was in need of our specialist wood floor restoration techniques. Never would you believe the transformation that could be achieved in this space!

The area that we were asked to work on was the main hall. This was the old church school hall and measures approximately 47ft x 32ft. When we arrived, there was a badminton court marked out. After the floor had been sanded it was important that this court was relayed as it was regularly used.

Prior to the floor sanding process beginning, the floor had quite a dark wood finish. While this was offering next to no protection for the natural wood underneath, it was decided that the new finish would have a clear appearance to show off the beautiful natural wood grain.

Restoring wooden floors Lancashire Village hall restoration Lancashire






The first image shows the appearance of the floor before our work commenced. Towards the right of the image, the initial part of the process can be seen. The sanding machinery is used in lines to strip back the old layers of finish.

Once the floor was fully sanded, it was appropriately prepared and a wood finish applied. As requested, this offered a lighter and clear appearance, but remained to offer a hard-wearing surface.

Are you looking to restore your hall floor? We feel confident that we are the best-equipped Company to deal with your floor sanding project. Call today on 0800 852 7177.

Respectfully Restoring Wood Floors Birkenhead

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A floors heritage is really important to a lot of people. Too frequently is it heard of that individuals are wasteful. This wastefulness extends to their homes and elements within their home including their floors.

Floor Restorer BirkenheadSome people view damaged floors as past redemption. Without specialist knowledge, informed decisions are not possible. Did you know that some of the most damaged wood floors are able to be fully restored to a newly-laid appearance?

We were invited to restore the floor throughout the Bromborough Methodist Church in Birkenhead. This is a beautiful building with incredible heritage. Prior to work commencing, all elements of the project were discussed. This included the floor sanding process with an agreed wood finish.

Floor sanding BirkenheadThis all forms part of the comprehensive preparation that takes place prior to a job starting. What else is required? The entire space needs to be cleared; any items on the floor need to be removed and put in a safe place.

The first image shows how the surface coating had been damaged. This effectively means that the natural material underneath is open to the elements. Any spillages or wear quickly offers further damage. Whilst this is a sliding scale, this floor was in a particularly poor state.

Floor Sander BirkenheadWhilst we would strongly advise that wooden floors are not left to deteriorate to such a level, we were pleased to offer help to breathe new life into it. The floor was successfully sanded with all old wood finishes being removed to reveal a primed surface.

The wood finish was then applied which offered the final transformation. There were many areas of this project that provided challenges. This often comes as part of the room details. These elements bring character and allow us the opportunity to showcase our true expertise. Are you looking for a reputable floor sander serving Lancashire? Call today on 0800 852 7177.

Restoring Beech Wood Flooring Lancashire

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Commercial floor sanding requires an experienced approach. We were asked to restore this beech wood sports floor in Lancashire. This kind of wood floor has its own advantages and pays testament to its continued popularity. What are these advantages?

Sandingn Beech Wood LancashireIts Elegant Appearance

As a natural material, it likely that the floor will age gracefully in its colouration. This offers an advantage against other synthetic or man-made materials. With the correct care and attention this can really boost the aesthetics of the floor. This natural and organic material really does offer an elegant look.

Its Impressive Durability

Beech wood is relatively non-porous and offers a strong surface. This means that it is generally hard-wearing as a wooden floor alternative. This has allowed some experts to offer an explanation as a hard-wearing wood. Therefore, beech wood floors are desirable if fitted in a high usage space.

Its Ability to Absorb Shocks

This was a huge advantage for this specific floor’s location as a sports floor. This floor type is referred to be shock absorbing. This means that for a sports hall it doesn’t impact on its users for bearing weight or for receiving high-impact.

Restoring Beech Wood LancashireWhen we arrived to quote for this particular floor sanding work the sports floor was in a deteriorated state. It was fully sanded in order to remove all old surface coatings. This effectively removes all of the damaged surface and reveals the natural material beneath.

Our clients were pleased with the original colouration of the grain and wood. It was therefore decided that a natural finish would be most appropriate for this project. The wood finish required also needed to be hard-wearing in order to stand up to the anticipated high use.

Have you got beech flooring that needs fully restoring or sanding? Are you looking for a commercial floor sander? Look no further and call 1 Stop Floor Care today on 0800 852 7177.

Need to Know Details about Fantastic Floor Sanding

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There are many determining factors when considering the cost of reinstating wooden floors. This part of the process is very open and we will discuss all of these elements during the quotation process. Some of these factors may include:

  • Restoring Parquet Floors LancashireThe size of the space
  • The state to which the floor is in
  • Detailing of the room that makes access more challenging
  • The finish required

It is important to consider when you are looking at a room to think about the challenges the space may provide. Smaller rooms can offer challenges such as fireplaces, bay windows, detailed skirting boards etc.

Floor Sander LancashireTo ensure that a superior finish is achieved it is imperative to reach into each and every corner of the room. Alongside this, all edges must be seamlessly sanded. All of which, whilst protecting every aspect of our client’s home or business.

Whilst this is a consideration it is not impossible. Too many times have we been informed of spaces where inadequate effort has been made either to reach the edges of the space or to protect the surrounding boundaries. This is not acceptable and an experienced approach will avoid this.

If there are any challenges that may impact on the finish achieved, it is imperative that these are discussed at the point the work is quoted for. What does this do? It enables our clients to make an informed decision.

Sanding Parquet Flooring LancashireThis often plays a pivotal role in the way in which the projects run. It is important for us that our clients are informed prior to the process starting so that they are exceptionally pleased with the results we achieve.

This five-finger block parquet floor was skilfully restored and finished. It transformed the small space and added further character to a beautifully unique space. Parquet floors are full of character and their history within the home can be treasured for many years. Once restored they can be cleaned routinely to make sure they offer many more years of service.

Are you looking for a floor sanding expert serving the Lancashire area? Call 1 Stop Floor Care today on 0800 852 7177.

White Wood Finish Ribchester

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Wooden floors are arguably the most timeless floor covering available. At the point of installation, there are many wood types available. Further down the line, wood floors then offer further versatility as their looks can be completed transformed without the cost of replacement.

If a wooden floor starts to look aged and you are feeling as though the space needs a change then this too is possible. How might you tell that your flooring may need refinishing?

  • The colour may have taken on a yellow-like colour
  • The surface coatings may have started to flake
  • General wear and tear of the surface will be visible

White wood finishes RibchesterWe recently completed this floor restoration job in Ribchester, Lancashire. The old floor covering had aged in the ways listed above. Our clients wanted a more modern appearance and felt as though a lighter finish would lift their beautiful room.

Once the furniture had been taken out of the room, the extent of the damage to the floor was clear. Although superficial, there were dull areas and scratch marks.

We knew with our expert floor sanding services that the space could easily be transformed. All old coatings were removed with our sanding machinery, leaving the natural wood to be refinished.

White wood finish RibchesterA white hard wax oil was selected in order to achieve the desired look. This product would also suit the usage of the room and offer a durable and hard-wearing finish for the family.

The new appearance complimented the existing décor and really did modernise the look of the floor. Don’t let your wood floors age and become unsightly. Our services are competitively priced.

We care about our clients and we are passionate about delivering the best possible finish and service. Would you like some information and advice on wood finishes? Is your floor looking past its best? Call 1 Stop Floor Care on 0800 852 7177 to arrange a survey; let us help breathe new life into your floor!

Oak Parquet Floor Restoration Preston

By On April 20, 2017 1 Comment

We were asked to restore this oak parquet floor in Preston recently. Oak floors are by far one of the most popular wood flooring alternatives and there are many reasons as to why this may be the case.

As a hardwood Oak is extremely hard-wearing. It has many uses in the building trade which has facilitated its credibility. This floor offers an insight into the style that an oak floor can bring to any property. What a statement for an entrance way to your home?

Oak’s colour gets richer as the year’s progress. It is important, therefore, to consider reclaimed pieces when completing a restoration of your oak floor. Damaged pieces must be reset and possibly replaced if necessary. This forms part of our all-round service.

Parquet Floor Preston Oiled Parquet Floor Preston






Our clients have the utmost assurance that they are appointing the best-available Company to restore their wooden floor. Each and every aspect of the restoration process is carefully considered in order to achieve the best finish.

Oak’s attractive grain pattern also provides a decorative effect. This often adds to the overall look of the floor. The fact that oak is available in such varying styles, grades and dimensions means that individuals have the opportunity of achieving an individual look.

Another element that some may not know is that oak floors are resistant to mould, mildew and fungus. In environments where there is a slightly higher moisture content this can play a really important role. An expertly finished wood floor will offer further resistance and will ensure that it remains looking great.

Oak Parquet Preston Oak Parquet Floor Preston

Parquet Floors; Restored!

This particular floor was fully sanded, damaged boards were replaced and the entire floor was finished with an oil. When finished it once again offered an opulent and stylish look. If you would like to enquire about restoring your wood floor we would appreciate your enquiry on 0800 852 7177.

Transforming Wood Floors

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Newly finished wooden floors are one of the most attractive and striking floor types. They become less about covering them up and more about showcasing them. The wood restoration process is all about going back to basics and stripping back the damaged layers to reveal a beautiful surface underneath.

Transforming wood floors BlackburnThere are so many deteriorating factors that wear away at the surface of your wood floor. These include shoes, toys, pets and even just daily usage. Although many wood finishes are created to offer a durable surface, this is not everlasting.

The finish can start to peel or flake away and when a floor is no longer protected by a finish it will deteriorate at an incredible rate. Any spills will be absorbed and the hardened finish that once protected the floor will offer no barrier to scratches and scuffs.

An incredibly important part of the process is to select the best-available products. This careful selection will prove to be the difference between an adequate result and an exceptional one. Any finished floor needs to offer protection against further wear. And it needs to look great. Any product formulation must be able to offer assurance in relation to this matter.

Tranforming wood floors BoltonThis is why our experience pays dividends as we are able to offer information and advice on the best products to restore your wood floors. We are an independent Company the products that we choose have been selected purely because they fulfil their purpose.

Floor sanding offers varying challenges from splintering, gaps, grain pattern and damaged boards. We offer a service that finds a solution to all of these and produces a finished wood floor that is both attractive and functional.

Wooden floors can be transformed such as the one in these images. A once darkened room can become bathed with natural beauty. If you would like to enquire about our wood floor sanding services please call today on 0800 852 7177.

The Secrets of Dust Free Floor Sanding

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Frequently Asked Questions about Floor Sanding

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How should I regularly maintain my newly restored wooden floor?

Floor Sanding WhalleyDirt is carried in from outside and with its abrasive factors will wear away at the finish of the floor. It is not only grit that has abrasive elements. For this reason it is really important that particles are removed on a regular basis. This does not have to be a time-intensive process. However, it will elongate the lifespan of your restored wood floor. Daily or regular sweeping with a soft brush or vacuum will be enough to complete this process.

Are reclaimed wooden boards used to replace damaged ones?

It is unlikely that we would ever advise that reclaimed boards. This is due to the fact that these are often sourced from industrial locations. This means that they are likely to be thicker than those used in domestic applications. For this reason it is usually advised that old boards from similar premises are used. These should be uncleaned and not sanded to enable the best possible finish.

My floorboards were covered by carpet and look in very poor condition. Is it still possible to restore them?

Floor Sander LancashireIf a wood floor has been hidden under a carpet it is likely that there will be a host of products, glue and other adhesives that are left on the surface. In most cases all of these can be removed during the sanding process. Even some of the most deteriorated-looking floors can be transformed.

Have you got questions about the floor sanding process? It is important that you feel well-educated in relation to the project prior to it starting. The survey process is very important and this allows us to discuss all aspects of the restoration project.

We are time-served floor sanders serving the wider-Lancashire area. Please call today on 0800 852 7177.

Sanding Parquet Floors Bury

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Imagine if you were to uncover a parquet floor in a home restoration project. At the very least it will require some tender loving care to get it back up to its original lustre. In some cases full wood restoration is required.

The following information has been formulated in order to provide detail of the process used to restore parquet flooring.

Parquet floor restoration Bury Floor Sanders Bury






The first step is to identify loose or missing blocks. The entire floor needs to be checked. There may be some movement in the blocks or the blocks may make a hollow sound when knocked. It is important that when moving any loose or damaged blocks that you are careful not to loosen surrounding ones.

The second step would be to clean the wooden blocks and underfloor. Very old wooden floors were installed with Bitumen. All of this needs completely stripping back prior to any new boards being fitted. Successful application of new boards will be dictated to by the full removal of all backings.

A TOP TIP here is to make sure that the floor covering underneath is left even and clean.

Sanding Parquet Floors Bury Restoring Parquet Flooring Bury






Once the preparation of the wooden floor is complete, the sanding process will start. A combination of sanders are then used to fully sand the entire floor. It is imperative that this process needs to be done in a methodical and careful way.

It is always advisable to sand with the grain, however, Parquet floors are notoriously difficult with this theory. We will always work our way down through different grades of sanding paper until we get the required finish.

Gap filling will run in line with this process to achieve a beautiful-looking wood floor. A wood finish is then ready to be applied. We will discuss your options with you in order to achieve the best result. If you would like to enquire about our wood floor sanding services please call 0800 852 7177.

Floor Sanding Frequently Asked Questions

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Our floor sanding services are quality assured and we take great pride in offering information and advice to our customers. When we complete a survey of a wood floor we will take the time to discuss the elements of the job with our clients. Through our experience we have come across many questions about floor sanding. Here are some:

Are my wood floors in too bad condition to restore?

Wood Floor Sanding BoltonIf you are considering restoring your wood floors then it is likely they are in a bad way. It may be that they have been hidden under another floor covering or they have lost their lustre after many years of use.

Either way, the floor sanding process sands away the top layers of the wood boards. This reveals a beautifully smooth surface. This is where experience in the trade pays dividends and we are well-versed in how to approach challenging floor sanding work. We will always apply our knowledge in order to achieve the best-possible sanded floor for our clients.

How do you fill gaps in the wood floor?

There are a couple of different ways that this type of wood repair can be tackled. The first method is to glue a strip of wood into the gap. This only works for larger gaps but can offer a really great finish. Smaller gaps may be filled using a gap filler. This also works for fine line repairs. Rest assured that we will find the best method for your individual floor.

How long will my newly sanded wood floor last?

Wood Floor Restoration FormbyThere are many factors that can influence this answer; but we will always offer advice when attending the survey. The influencing factors include: level of footfall, the environment where the floor is fitted and the ways in which the floor is cleaned.

On average we say that a restored and finished wooden floor will last between 5-10 years. Commercial wood floors may last around 3-5 years but this will also depend on usage.

We have a range of maintenance programmes that will ensure your wood floors are left looking at their best for their lifetime. Call today with any questions you may have on 0800 852 7177.

Why Wood Floors?

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Our floor cleaning and restoration services have taken us to many interesting places. It has allowed us the opportunity to build up a huge range of knowledge and experience that we utilise every day. Each floor type is fascinating and it is the uniqueness that each of them brings that continues to intrigue us.

Floor Sander BlackburnWood floors are an exceptionally timeless flooring type. There are many benefits that they offer and below you can find just some of the reasons why you should consider a wood floor.

High-quality wooden flooring will be incredibly long-lasting. In some cases the floor can last for decades. This means that it needs to be cared for correctly and that you need information of the best products to use. Wood in comparison to carpets can improve with age whereas any use for carpets will deteriorate the fibres.

Wood floors offer straightforward cleaning and maintenance. Particles and dust sit on the surface of the wood boards and not filtered as they would be on a carpeted floor. This means that daily sweeping, hovering or mopping can keep them looking great.

Wood Finishes BlackburnWood flooring offers a more hygienic alternative. Due to the fact that dirt and bacteria are easier to remove completely on wooden floors it means that with routine cleaning that there will be less airborne particles that could affect individuals with allergies. There will be no unpleasant odours from a wooden floor.

A wood floor can be fully restored. If, after years of wear, the floor starts to look as though it has been through some tough times, it can be fully restored. This means that the surface covering and top layer is sanded back. A wood finish is then applied to ensure that the floor is fully protected.

There are just some of the reasons why a wood floor should be considered. If you would like to arrange a survey for us to restore your floor we would invite you to call us on 0800 852 7177. Don’t forget that a wooden floor will offer timeless appeal and is available to a range of budgets.

Parquet Floor Sander Lancashire

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It is sometimes assumed that Parquet floors are one of the best types of wood floor available. Reasons why this could be assumed is because it is more expensive to install or may be due to the finished look.

This wood type was said to be created to satisfy the needs of a niche market who wanted to produce geometric patterns. Parquet flooring is steeped in history and has come on so far to this day, however, still manages to ooze sophistication and heritage in its appearance.

There are many design patterns that can be achieved and time invested into finding the best solution for you will pay dividends once completed. The Herringbone design is likely the best-known design, however, the way in which the lozenges or blocks can be put together means that a completely bespoke floor can be arranged.

If you come across a Parquet floor in the UK it is likely that its history stems from the Edwardian times. Another benefits of parquet blocks is that it offers a great facility to repair individual lozenges if required.

Commercial Floor Sander Carlisle Wood floor repair Carlisle






Our specialist floor sanding services were requested to restore this beautiful Parquet floor at the Carlisle Magistrates Court.

There were areas that required careful repair; it is vitally important when taking this on that you are able to repair only the damaged blocks, to keep the surrounding boards safe from damage and to ensure that the finished result is as seamless as possible. Any wood repair should go unnoticed.

Commercial floor sanding Carlisle Commercial Floor Sander Lancashire







The images show the stages to which the wood floor was restored. Any wood repairs are completed first and then the entire floor is sanded with our dust free sanding system.  The end results achieved a long-lasting finish and the areas that were repaired when undetected!

If you would like to arrange for us to provide a survey to restore your wooden floor please call today on 0800 852 7177.

Wood Floor Restoration Lancashire

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The benefits of wood floor restoration run deeper than the obvious aesthetic transformation. A well-looked after wood floor will stand the test of time against even the toughest use.

We were asked to restore this floor in Lancashire. As you can see from the first image it had become really dull over the time that it had been laid.

The areas that experienced more movement had become duller and this made the perimeter areas stand out even more.

Worn wood floor LancashireThere are a range of additional reasons as to why a floor may have this appearance. If the floor was finished with a wax it may be that specific cleaning solutions used are dulling the wax finish.

If a floor had received a shellac finish it could also be that routine mopping could result in water damage. This offers an insight into the world of wood floor restoration.

Specific product formulations have been produced for individual floor types and finishes.

Floor Restoration LancashireYou will find that if you are searching for advice on cleaning wood floors that you are immersed in detail and choices. Too much choice will leave you feeling confused about how best to proceed.

Part of our package is to offer product information that is tailored to your exact floor. We ensure to offer detail that provides value for money and leave you feeling certain that you know how best to care for your floor.

It is likely that if you search for product information that you will find someone that says it is the best product and another informing you that it is the worst and not to use it. Some products build up over time and this can make care even more difficult.

Don’t delay, call our helpful staff today to arrange a no obligation quotation. Don’t let the world of floor sanding and wood care leave you feeling daunted. Our expert advice is worth its weight in gold.

Lacquered Oak Floor Lancashire

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Wood floor lacquers provide a hard wearing and very durable wood finish. Floor lacquers offer a protective coating and are available in different finishes including gloss, matt or satin.

We were asked to fully restore this oak floor in Lancashire. Our clients could envision the potential in their wood flooring. When we arrived the floors were in a deteriorated state and looked in bad condition. The finish was uneven and blotchy.

Wood Finishes Lancashire Wood Floor Restoration Lancashire






The existing finish was stripped back. Even at this stage, the beautiful wood grain shone through and the potential for exceptionally striking floors was visible. Once fully sanded the floors were finished with a wood lacquer. We discussed, in detail, future maintenance advice for these floors.

We outlined that particles, especially abrasive ones would likely damage the finish on the wood floors. This may, in some cases, seem difficult to avoid but our top tip is to ensure that mats are placed at every external entrance. It is important to invest in a high quality mat so that particles are removed from footwear on entering the property.

Floor Sanders LancashireFloor Sanding Lancashire






What other cleaning advice do we offer our clients?

Daily Maintenance: this consists of cleaning the floors with a vacuum or soft-bristled brush. This process works to remove abrasive particles that even the most careful home owner can’t help from entering your home.

Routine Cleaning: if a dirt patch is identified it may be that damp cleaning is the best-suited method. It is important that not too much liquid is applied to a wooden floor as if this is left to stand for any amount of time, it is likely to cause damage. Cleaning solutions are available that will support this, ensuring that your wood finish is not damaged or worn away by the cleaning process.

Sanding Oak Floors Lancashire Oak flooring Lancashire






We are exceptionally proud to showcase the work that we complete and if you would like to enquire about our competitively priced floor sanding service please call today on 0800 852 7177.

Restoring Parquet Flooring Bury

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Parquet floors have seen a resurgence over recent years. This has provided us with a brilliant opportunity of seeing this exquisite wooden floor in many different domestic settings.

Whilst any restored wooden floor looks spectacular, Parquet flooring provides a real statement. It may be that you are familiar with the history of your floor or it may be that you have just revealed it during a building project.

Parquet Flooring BuryEither way, once discovered it is often the case that wood restoration is looked into in order to get the best from the floor.

The images show a Parquet floor in Bury that we restored. When we visited to complete the floor survey our customer believed that the flooring was beyond redemption, but wanted us to confirm whether it would be possible.

They had decided that if restoration was not possible or that the end result was questionable because of the deteriorated state of the boards, that they would have the entire floor lifted and replaced with another type.

We discussed the process of floor restoration in detail; we outlined that each of the loose blocks would be refitted. The entire floor would then be fully sanded, all gaps filled and then finished.

Wood Pattern LancashireThe wood finish selected was a hard-wearing floor lacquer. Our client commented on how pleased they were with the finished product.

“From the moment I met Ian from 1st Stop Floorcare I knew we were in the hands of an expert! His knowledge and enthusiasm for restoring our floor was exceptional. He gave a detailed description of how he would be able to renovate our floor and advise on the best techniques to meet our requirements. I’d thoroughly recommend Ian and his co-worker Dave for any flooring restoration job. Professional, tidy, competitively priced”

James Egersdorff

If you would like to arrange a quotation for the New Year please call today on 0800 852 7177.

Hardwood Flooring Leyland

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Hardwood Flooring LancashireWe were selected to restore this beautiful aged hardwood flooring in Leyland. From the before and after images it is difficult to believe that it is the same floor.

Whilst hardwood floors may be a larger outlay initially, there are many reasons as to why a hardwood floor variation is a better alternative than other softwood options.

What are the benefits of hardwood flooring?

  • A hardwood floor is easy to clean and has a straightforward process for routine maintenance. The trick to this is the knowledge of the best product formulations to use and the best techniques that will allow your floor to look better for longer.
  • It is well-accepted that hardwood offers an elegant and high-quality appearance. This sophisticated finish is accompanied by the fact that it offers warmth and timeless appeal. This floor type is steeped in history and will be used for many years to come.
  • Hardwood is intrinsically strong and can last for generations. This durability means that it is a brilliant flooring choice for workspaces, commercial premises and busy homes. It can also work to promote a healthier indoor air quality as well.
  • Hardwood Flooring LeylandSelecting a hardwood floor allows you the opportunity to add value to your property which means that the outlay can be considered as a long-term investment. It is also considered that having hardwood flooring in your home will work to assist the resale process as it is so sought after.
  • As well as many different species that are available; when laying a hardwood floor you are able to carefully select colours, styles and finishes. As with other wood types boards are available as pre-finished and unfinished. This means that unique and diverse needs can easily be met by this wood type.

If you would like to enquire about your options for sanding hardwood floors please call today on 0800 852 7177.

Softwood Sanding Aughton

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The following images show the progress through a pine floor restoration project that we completed in Aughton. The floor was successfully transformed and almost unrecognisable once we’d finished.

Pine flooring is a softwood variety of wood. Although this is the case, it is still well-suited to high traffic areas of the home and will, if looked after correctly, last a lifetime. Some say that pine is a less expensive alternative, however, it still boasts huge versatility.

Wood Repairs Aughton Wood Restoration Aughton






Pine floors are popular and can be found in a variety of settings. This wood floor was in a particularly deteriorated state. Through discussion with our client it was decided that the floor would be fully sanded, repaired, stained and lacquered.

Once again we used our dust-free floor sanding machinery; beside the fact that it produces a superior finish, it also allows us to monitor our work whilst we are completing the sanding process. Long gone is the airborne dust that used to inhibit our work.

Floor Sanding Aughton Pine Aughton






We then carried out the necessary wood repairs that would improve the look of the overall result once the floor had been finished. This means that the restored wooden flooring looks as seamless as possible.

Wood Finishes Information:

We often discuss wood finishes as they are pivotal to the overall success of the job and offers lasting protection. A wood finish works to –

  • Enhance the natural beauty of wood through colour, grain and depth
  • Protects the wood boards from dirt, scratches and general wear
  • Preserves wood from external sources such as water, spillages and the sun rays
  • Changes the appearance of your wood floor by adding colour and hiding defects

Wood FInishes Aughton Pine Flooring Aughton






Our clients were exceptionally pleased with the results. If you would like to enquire about our wood restoration services please call today on 0800 852 7177.

Restoration of Pine Scaffold Boards Chorley

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These images showcase the process where these pine scaffold boards were transformed from their originally laid condition to now.

The scaffold boards had been laid as floor boards to create a unique statement wood floor that would create an intriguing floor covering for this new business premises.

‘Cakes By Ruth’ had relocated its position to this new shop in Chorley. The wood floor restoration process was intensive but incredibly rewarding to see the transformation throughout the sanding process.

Wood Restoration Lancashire Wood Restoration Services Chorley Wood Restoration LancashireThe once very dirt wood boards started to be stripped back, revealing a beautiful natural wood grain with character.

Using scaffold boards as flooring creates a rustic appearance and they are a cost-effective product that, once restored, are long-lasting and will cope with the footfall in a commercial premises.

It is important when sanding such wood that an even surface is achieved. This is vital in order to avoid unevenness that will act as a trap for dirt and possibly provide trip hazards. This is where our expertise pays dividends in providing a result that cannot be rivalled.

Wood Restoration Chorley Scaffold Boards Lancashire Scaffold Boards ChorleyWe take great pride in the fact that we do not have to adopt pressured sales tactics. We are a family-run business, based around raising the standards within our industry through our open, honest and hard-working approach.

We have been in business for a long time and have built a reputation around the using the highest ethical business practices and offering exceptional finishes.

This wooden floor was fully sanded using our dustless sanding machinery and then lacquered to provide a durable and hard-wearing wood finish. Wood lacquer intensifies grain and colour of wood and produces a finish that is difficult to scratch.

If you would like to enquire about the wood restoration services we provide please call us today on 0800 852 7177.

Wood Floor Facts

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Floor Sanding GisburnIt is undeniable that wood floors are one of the most timeless floor covering alternatives. There is ever-adaptive information that shows the increasing popularity of wooden flooring.

It is a clear selling point that any wood floor can be fully sanded and restored after experiencing wear through daily use. If your home or business is fitted with a wood floor there are a number of factors that can influence the appearance and lifespan.

Wood Floor Repairs LancashirePoint one: it is an inevitable fact that any wood floor, whether in a domestic or commercial setting, will experience wear and tear. The result of this will be scuffs, scrapes, dull spots and cracking. The exciting factor is that this is not something that you have to live with. We are well-equipped to offer fully and exhaustive wood floor repairs as part of our floor sanding services.

Point two: considers the requirement of tailored product formulations. Once a floor has been sanded, a finish needs to be applied. The success of any restoration job is strongly reliant on the use of best-available product selections. Our time-served experience has meant that we have a carefully selected product range that unequivocally offers the best-available finish.

Point three: is the requirement for trade machinery. There is no end of DIY floor sanding machinery available and the inevitable outcome is an unsatisfactory result. Industrial machinery combined with knowledge and experience of the individual intricacies of different wood floors ensures our success.

Wood Finish GisburnSanding wood floors Lancashire





Point four: covers the fact that professional floor sanding services are cost-effective. It is often misunderstood that the cost of sanding wood floors is prohibitive. We feel confident that once you have experienced our services that you will become a customer for life; not only will you have a fully restored, striking floor but we ensure to leave our clients with all relevant detail to support routine cleaning.

We are fiercely passionate about our approach to wood floor restoration. This stems from our drive and determination to raise industry standards and to offer first-class customer service. Please enquire by calling 01257 270775.

Floor Sanding St. Annes

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We are in an incredibly fortunate position that has lead us to be market leaders in our field of floor care and floor cleaning. We were invited to complete our tailored floor sanding process on this wooden floor in the Royal Mail Delivery Office in St. Annes.

Wood Finishes St Annes Wood Floors St Annes







To successfully and consistently win commercial floor restoration work we have to make sure that we are offering competitive services in terms of finishes and customer care. What is our winning formula?

Customer Service; this is intrinsic to every aspect of our business. It is inherent in all of our training and this makes sure that our ethos of exceeding expectations becomes a natural element of the services that we offer to all of our domestic and commercial clients.

Company Culture; the services that we offer start with the skilled craftsmen that we employ. We take pride in our work and set high standards for floor cleaning and restoration work. We are constantly looking to lead the field and our workforce drive this forward with enthusiasm.

Training; the field of floor care is constantly changing and it is therefore imperative that we embrace this continuous change. Continuous learning is an investment both in our workers and our clients as it enables us to offer the best available services consistently.

Floor Sander St Annes Floor Sanding St Annes







On inspection of the wooden flooring in the delivery office; we were faced with an incredibly worn and scratched finish. Through discussions it was identified that the dark finish was no longer wanted so we discussed the wood finishes available; a more natural finish was selected and the images show the transformation that was achieved.

If you would like more information on our comprehensive wood floor sanding services we invite you to call on 01257 270775.