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Flagstone Flooring Ormskirk

By On November 25, 2014 No Comments

Are you looking for a versatile natural stone floor? Some may say to look no further than flagstone flooring; it is available in a range of textures, tile shapes and sizes. As an anti-slip tile, flagstone can be used within many areas of a home and businesses alike.

It is important to consider the expected foot traffic of the area, usage, varying temperatures and other factors when considering which floor tile is the best variant for you. The below flagstone tiles were a real feature of this pub in Ormskirk.

Floor Tile OrmskirkIf you were to imagine an area that would experience a likely combination of high usage, liquid spills, ingrained dirt and other deteriorating factors. A pub floor would likely rank highly on your list. This was certainly the case when we inspected this flagstone floor to complete a detailed quotation.

Although dirty tiles are often unsightly; there is another element to our job that becomes very satisfying. We are confident of the restoration results that can be achieved so stone cleaning is an incredibly rewarding process.

Flagstone Flooring LancashireThe tiles were carefully restored, taking into account the individual requirements of such a stunning stone tile. The restoration reinstated the beautiful stone floor and avoided, what some people contemplate, the costly expense of replacement.

Our client was provided with advice on routine maintenance that they then passed onto their cleaners. This elongates the times required between restorations and keeps the tiles looking at their best.

This formed part of a larger package that we offered this establishment. They also wanted to take advantage of our state-of-the-art floor sanding and commercial carpet cleaning services. This allowed them the opportunity to deal with one company and we worked closely with them to make sure that the work was scheduled at a convenient time.

If you would like to discuss any floor care requirements that you have for your home or business we invite you to call on 01257 270775 for more information. Our friendly staff are happy to support any enquiry and will guide you through the process of dealing with 1 Stop Floor Care.

Stone Cleaning Preston

By On October 22, 2014 No Comments

It is important for us that from your initial contact with 1 Stop Floor Care that you are instantly reassured that you are dealing with a trustworthy, professional and courteous company who care deeply about the service that we offer.

Flagstone Cleaning Preston Flagstone Flooring PrestonUltimately we want to leave you feeling confident that you have employed a specialist that can offer a superior service to other competition based on our drive to be the best at what we do. How do we do this?

Our technicians are trained to national recognized standards and this is backed by our well-earned, established reputation. This is coupled with tried and tested techniques that have always looked to raise the standards of our industry. We treat the homes and businesses that we work in with the utmost respect.

When we were approached to clean and restore these beautiful flagstone tiles in Preston, it was a great opportunity to bring back to life tiles that had lost their lustre over time. Flagstone flooring offers a rustic appearance and provide character to any space where they were fitted.

Our in-depth flagstone cleaning process brought out the natural colouration of these tiles and they were finished with an industrial strength, eco-friendly stone sealer. This process allows the beauty of natural stone flooring to shine through with the confidence for the home owner that they are protected and sealed against wear and damage.

We leave each and every client with information of routine cleaning and form a maintenance programme that will make sure the tiles remain looking at their best, for longer. If you would like to request a quote we invite you to call 1 Stop Floor Care on 01257 270775, use our contact page or fill in our request for a free survey.

Cleaning Terrazzo Tiles Lancashire

By On May 13, 2014 No Comments

Terrazzo Flooring PrestonWe take on a range of commercial stone cleaning and residential floor cleaning work throughout Lancashire. This enables us to build up an incredible portfolio of floor care work and this, combined with our experience, allows us to build up our reputation as being specialist floor restoration experts.

Terrazzo tiles are a unique stone tile that were originally formed by exposing aggregates and marble chips on the surface of an epoxy resin or concrete. A smooth finish is achieved by polishing the stone’s surface.

Terrazzo Floor LancashireTerrazzo flooring is extremely durable due to its make-up which explains why it is well-suited to a commercial setting. We were invited to restore this Terrazzo floor in Lancashire. The before images show the deteriorated state that the tiles were in prior to our revolutionary stone restoration process, adapted over many years.

We were able to co-ordinate our scheduled restoration to fall in line with the shop’s planned renovation programme.

Terrazzo Cleaning PrestonAs you can imagine our industrial rotary machinery played a pivotal role with this project. It is hugely important to offer the best possible restoration services and this means that we need to invest in state-of-the-art machinery that can complete the work quickly and efficiently.

The science behind restoration of stone flooring has advanced so much in recent years and we are ensure that we are constantly well-informed of new machinery, products and techniques. The Terrazzo tiles were almost unrecognisable once restored.

Terrazzo Tiles LancashireThe distinctive look of these tiles were revealed; we achieved a polished, high-shine finish which accurately promoted a hygienically clean environment. Our clients were stunned by the result!

If you would like more information on Terrazzo cleaning or any of the floor care services that we offer we ask you to call us on 01257 270775. We endeavour to answer your enquiries quickly and will always do all we can to offer as much information as possible and to ensure the smooth-running of your project.

Polishing Marble Tiles Gisburn

By On February 11, 2014 No Comments

The below images show the results of a marble polishing job that we completed in Gisburn. This client requested that we achieve a high-gloss finish. Once the work had been completed, it was a great opportunity to take pictures to showcase the results.

Marble restoration GisburnStone Polishing Gisburn







We receive a large number of queries through our website and we enjoy taking the time to offer information and advice to our valued clients. We use every opportunity to discuss the ways in which we offer superior stone cleaning and stone restoration services throughout the Lancashire areas.

Stone Cleaning Products LancashireStone Cleaning Products; natural and man-made stone tiles differ greatly in the products required to restore their originally-laid beauty. Incorrect usage of cleaning products can result in damaged tiles and our experience and training has meant that we are best-equipped to deal with every enquiry.

Stone Restoration Machinery; we are intensely passionate about the machinery that we use. Having the best available restoration machines sets us apart from our competition and ensures that we can achieve the best finish in the shortest time. We realise that having any home improvement work completed in your home or business means disruption and we look at reducing this in any way possible.

Marble polishing GisburnTime-Served Knowledge; our website shows the range of flooring that we work with. Floor care and floor cleaning in both domestic and commercial premises has allowed us incredible insight and the opportunity to hone our craft. It also allowed us to build up the reputation that we have to this day.

There is a range of finishes that can be achieved with stone polishing; this varies from honed to polished stone. We spend time discussing your individual requirements to make sure that the finish we achieve matches this.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss arranging a floor care quotation; please call Ian on 01257 270775.

Cleaning Flagstone Flooring Burnley

By On October 30, 2013 No Comments

We were invited to complete this Flagstone floor restoration job in Burnley. Our name had been recommended to this client by a previous customer who had been impressed with the service that we offered and the stone restoration results we are able to achieve.

The use of flagstones in homes are incredibly popular because of their rustic and natural look and their durability and practical benefits. This flagstone flooring required a full restoration process because of the build-up of dirt and grime over time.

Deep chemical cleaning was required to start the cleaning process for this flagstone floor. This chemical solution was then agitated using Nu-Life monster brushes with our industrial machinery. Our experience has allowed us the benefit of using only the best products and machinery to ensure we are able to offer superior restoration results without exception.

The flagstone cleaning process was then followed by high pressure washing and extraction. In-depth knowledge of cleaning flagstones is so important; it would be easy to damage your precious flagstone tiles.

After the tiles were fully dried with our powerful drying machines a Natural Stone Sealer by Nu-Life was applied by hand. This process repels liquid spillages and ensures the tiles and grout are mildew-resistant.

Flagstone Cleaning LancashireStone Cleaning Lancashire







We would be happy to take your enquiries and provide a no-obligation quotation; please call 01257 270775 to find out about our Flagstone restoration services.

Marble Polishing Burnley

By On September 12, 2013 No Comments

Marble tiles are instantly recognisable and are striking in their appearance; they are used in both domestic and commercial premises and offer a really elegant look.

Marble flooring can be used in many areas of the home including kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and entrance halls.

Marble Polishing BurnleyMarble Polishing Burnley







We were invited to this marble restoration job in Burnley where the marble floor had become dull over time. Although marble is a versatile natural stone, it can in its very nature suffer from scratches and etching.

Through our discussion with the home owner it became apparent that we would need to complete our tailored marble grinding, polishing and sealing processes to offer the look they wanted to achieve.

The process is cost-effective and efficient as we have invested in state-of-the-art machinery. We will protect all of your skirting boards and furniture and ensure that every element of the process is explained so that you are confident you are dealing with a time-served professional.

Marble Cleaning BlackburnMarble Cleaning Blackburn







We have completed a large number of stone cleaning and stone restoration jobs throughout Lancashire and further field and we make sure that however large or small the job is that we leave every client feeling that they have received the best level of customer service with incredible restoration results.

Marble polishing is a hugely rewarding process; the above pictures tell the story themselves. Are you looking for advice on how to clean marble? If so, please call Ian on 01257 270775 to arrange a free, no obligation quotation and survey of your floor tiles.

Karndean Floor Restoration Lancashire

By On August 15, 2012 2 Comments

This Karndean flooring was in need of attention following a visit from the decorators. The floor was covered in paint spots and splashes and was generally dull and lifeless.

The surface of the floor was stripped thoroughly cleaned and redressed. The finished results speak for themselves.

For more information or enquiries regarding the cleaning and maintenance of your Karndean floor contact 1 Stop Floor Care today.

Karndean cleaning Lancashire,Karndean floor after restoration









We also provide carpet cleaning and stone cleaning services. Please contact us to discuss your floor cleaning requirements.

Flagstone Floor Cleaning Preston

By On July 5, 2012 No Comments

This is a flagstone floor that we had been asked to clean by a customer in Preston, Lancashire. The appearance of the floor had become dull and lifeless and the customer was finding it increasingly difficult to keep it clean.

The stone was thoroughly cleaned, rinsed with our high pressure washing systems then thoroughly dried out before being sealed with a high performance colour enhancing natural stone sealer by Nu-Life.

The finished results speak for themselves. The natural colours of the stone now showing through and and sealed surface that can be easily maintained by the customer. For your free quotation and survey contact [email protected] today.

Flagstone floorFlagstone floor after cleaning







We also offer services in cleaning carpets, cleaning stone and sanding wood. Please contact us to find out more!