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Polished Floor Tiles Lancashire

By On March 22, 2014 No Comments

It is inevitable that immediately after installation natural floor tiles are being marred by foot traffic. It is important that any cleaning products used to regularly maintain or clean your stone floor are formulated specifically for that stone type.

We were invited to fully restore these Travertine tiles in Chorley. After inspection of the travertine floor we offered information and advice about our stone restoration process and our client made the decision that they wanted a high-sheen, polished finish to their floor.

Travertine Cleaning Chorley Travertine Tiles Lancashire







We have devised a tailored process that utilizes specialised trade compounds and machinery that have been specifically developed for this procedure. This offers reduced disintegration of the stone tiles once they have been treated.

Once the stone flooring has been fully cleaned and restored, diamond encrusted rotary pads are used; this starts with course pads, reducing down through coarseness to finer pads. These incredibly fine pads produce a reflective and smooth finish.

Polished stone Lancashire Stone polishing Chorley







Our client was so pleased with her polished stone tiles. One true benefit is that it is a completely tailored procedure. Whilst working through the stone polishing process, you are able to continually monitor your progress in order to make sure that the finish achieved is matched to the vision of each individual client.

Polishing stone floors LancashirePolishing travertine floors Chorley







The final part of the process is the application of an impregnating stone-specific sealer. Polished floor tiles look incredible and our client commented on our professional approach to our work. If you have any questions about polishing travertine tiles we invite you to call Ian on 01257 270775.

An inspection of your stone floors will be arranged at a time convenient for you and we use this opportunity to discuss the stone restoration process, any limitations to the job, the finishes that can be achieved and to offer advice.

Oak Flooring Restoration and Travertine Cleaning Whalley

By On December 10, 2013 No Comments

Wood Floor Restoration LancashireFloor Sanding WhalleyWe received a call from this client who had just purchased a new house which they were looking to renovate. Although they liked the flooring that was laid in the house, both the oak floor and the travertine tiles were incredibly damaged.

The wood flooring was scratched, stained and had paint splatters on from where the rooms had been decorated without protecting the floors. The travertine floor looked dull and had clearly not received any kind of treatment or care in the years that they had been laid.

Travertine Cleaning LancashireTravertine Restoration Lancashire


It was a great opportunity to take on the project as, with our years of experience, we could visualise what the restoration results would be like and the drastic improvement that would be achievable.

We were able to provide a competitive price and it was a chance to combine our floor care services.

Our experience in both stone restoration and floor sanding means that we are true experts in both fields.

Wood Floor Sanding WhalleyWood Floors Whalley


We are intensely passionate about floor restoration and have invested heavily in both training and machinery to confidently offer brilliant results without fail.

The images show how the stone tiles and wood floor were transformed.

After the project was completed we offered the client detail about regular cleaning of their floors that they said would help them a lot.


Travertine Tiles WhalleyTravertine Floor WhalleyThey continued with the renovation, pleased that they had chosen to restore their flooring rather than replace it.

The results speak for themselves and we invite you to make contact if you have any questions about floor restoration. You can call us on 01257 270775 or you can contact us via our contact form.

Please also feel free to register to receive a free survey by completing the submission form found at the top of our ‘Home’ page.

Travertine Floor Ormskirk

By On June 12, 2012 No Comments

We were are asked by this customer to survey their Tumbled Travertine flooring in Ormskirk. The customer had commented that no matter how much they cleaned the floor, they were unable to keep it clean looking with the soiling showing quickly in the grout lines and the Travertine holes within a matter of days.

On closer inspection the survey found that the tiles had no traces of sealant to protect it against contamination and the customer had said that out of frustration they had resorted to using bleaches and harsh cleaning products to try and clean the floor rather than a pH neutral solution.

Following the free survey which included the cleaning of a sample area, we have been asked to return and carry out a deep clean of the full floor area followed by the application of a Natural Stone Sealer by Nu-Life.

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Find out more about cleaning Travertine tiles and other natural stone flooring.

Travertine Floor Restoration Fleetwood

By On October 26, 2011 No Comments

Travertine flooring is a really popular natural stone flooring choice today with an understated aesthetic influence. It is ideal for both residential and commercial use as it is distinguished in appearance.

Travertine floor tiles are available in different finishes, ranging from smooth to a more pitted look.

Grout lines can become soiled as they were when we arrived at this clients’ home. The first picture shows how the right treatment can really make a difference.

We then cleaned our customer’s travertine tiles in Fleetwood with our specialist tile cleaning machinery, it was left to dry and then the tiles and grout were sealed the following day. The customer agreed the tiles’ genuine elegance were restored!

Travertine tile cleaning ChorleyTravertine floor restoration Chorley







For more information about natural stone cleaning please contact Ian here.