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3 Myths about Cleaning Flagstone Flooring

By On April 21, 2015 Under Flagstone Floor Cleaning

Myth 1: Vinegar is a great product to disinfect stone surfaces

Natural stone tiles and surfaces will inevitably react when vinegar is applied to its surface. The end result will be an etch mark that has been created by the acidic nature of vinegar.

The best way that we can describe this is that it will appear as though the finish of the stone tile has been removed. The mark will be dull in appearance and cannot be simply cleaned off. To fully remove etching marks you will be required to re-polish the stone surface.

TIP: Use neutral stone cleaning solutions and seek advice on which product formulations are best for your particular stone type.

Myth 2: Stone Sealers make a stone surface waterproof

Products to seal stone can be separated into two categories; impregnators and sealers. Both work to offer a resistance against liquid spillages, oils, grease etc. Stone sealer provides protection to a point that allows us to time to mop or clean any spill.

This stops the liquid from penetrating deep into the stone and creating a stain. Essentially stone sealers offer increased protection but they do not make the surface waterproof.

TIP: Have your stone sealed yearly to offer the best possible protection.

Myth 3: Shop purchased stone cleaning products restore tiles just as well as a Professional service

Many people try to maintain their stone floors through routine cleaning and shop-purchased products. Over time they may start to feel as though the cleaning results are unsatisfactory. For the best-possible stone restoration results professional products, machinery and experience is required. This provides a fast and efficient service that is far superior to any finish achieved without this assistance.

TIP: Request the support of 1 Stop Floor Care to clean and restore your natural stone flooring or man-made tile.

Flagstone Cleaning SouthportFlagstone Flooring Southport







This flagstone flooring was uncovered in Southport, Lancashire and we completed a full deep clean and restoration which brought back the natural and striking appearance of this beautiful stone.

If you would like to request more information about cleaning flagstone tile please enquire by calling on 0800 852 7177.

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