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Sanding Parquet Floors Bury | Restoring Parquet Floors Bury
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Sanding Parquet Floors Bury

By On December 27, 2016 Under Floor Sanding

Imagine if you were to uncover a parquet floor in a home restoration project. At the very least it will require some tender loving care to get it back up to its original lustre. In some cases full wood restoration is required.

The following information has been formulated in order to provide detail of the process used to restore parquet flooring.

Parquet floor restoration Bury Floor Sanders Bury






The first step is to identify loose or missing blocks. The entire floor needs to be checked. There may be some movement in the blocks or the blocks may make a hollow sound when knocked. It is important that when moving any loose or damaged blocks that you are careful not to loosen surrounding ones.

The second step would be to clean the wooden blocks and underfloor. Very old wooden floors were installed with Bitumen. All of this needs completely stripping back prior to any new boards being fitted. Successful application of new boards will be dictated to by the full removal of all backings.

A TOP TIP here is to make sure that the floor covering underneath is left even and clean.

Sanding Parquet Floors Bury Restoring Parquet Flooring Bury






Once the preparation of the wooden floor is complete, the sanding process will start. A combination of sanders are then used to fully sand the entire floor. It is imperative that this process needs to be done in a methodical and careful way.

It is always advisable to sand with the grain, however, Parquet floors are notoriously difficult with this theory. We will always work our way down through different grades of sanding paper until we get the required finish.

Gap filling will run in line with this process to achieve a beautiful-looking wood floor. A wood finish is then ready to be applied. We will discuss your options with you in order to achieve the best result. If you would like to enquire about our wood floor sanding services please call 0800 852 7177.

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